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How Can I Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Data?

“How Can I Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Data?” – Asked by Adrian C. in Durham

Cheating Wife on Cell Phone

Woman On Cell Phone – Ed Yourdon Flickr CC-BY-SA 2.0

The question “how can I spy on my wife’s cell phone?” crops up quite often, usually , of course, from men who suspect that their wife is cheating or if not out and out cheating on them – then maybe flirting around with somebody. The usual signs that arouse the initial suspicions may be as innocent as the odd call that she wants to take out of earshot, quickly deleted text messages or being cagey with her phone when she’s around the husband – or he may suspect a full-on fling for other, more obvious reasons, but cannot get the exact details that he needs for a full-on confrontation of the situation and confession.

What Can A Man Do In This Situation???

I’m not here to moralise and I’m not here in any capacity as a lawyer – I want to state that right up front. If you end up purchasing and using the software that I’m going to talk about, then you need to follow their legal advice and guidelines. Laws change from state to state and country to country and this website can be viewed by anybody in the world, so all I’d say is be cautious and check the vendor’s website for their guidance on any legal matters. What I will say, is that it is not illegal to purchase the software that I’m about to explain to you in any way, shape or form, although the way in which you use it may well be – that is your call to check into.

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Certain spying apps offer a software product that can basically show you exactly what is going on on your wife’s cell phone. You know that if she is having an affair, right, then the most likely place that you’ll be able get the dirty on her was if you could monitor all the information flowing through her cell.

Why Spy On Your Wife’s Cell Phone?

Imagine the situation between two cheaters; meetings are arranged by phone call, surreptitious text messages are sent to each other and then instantly deleted to hide them from you, adding to the excitement and thrill of the illicit romance. Images and sexy photos might be sent, IMs and chats engaged in over certain websites and chat apps like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber, Nimbuzz, Apple’s iMessage, and KakaoTalk, e-mails exchanged, dirty chats in the middle of the night or when she thinks the husband’s not around will be arranged.

Well, this software will allow you to see all of this (and much more!) from a remote online dashboard, even if they think they’re being sneaky and deleting everything as soon as it’s received or sent. Heck, you can even track their location via their cell phone using GPS technology and see exactly where she’s going when she claims she’s going to the Gym with her friends every night – all from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere in the world (yep even if you’re apart from her abroad). What really puts this software ahead of the game are the new developments where it will even let  you listen in to live calls she is making, allowing you to spy on your wife’s cell phone in real-time. This feature can also be used to listen in to the environment in which the phone is – allowing you to eavesdrop wherever she is and whenever you want – and the clincher? She won’t even have a clue that you’re doing it!

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Another thing about this software that has a lot going for it is the fact that it works, is supported with great customer support from a genuine company and is very affordable. You must be very wary of other online (so-called companies) offering similar products because many of them are scam artists that don’t support a product that won’t even work after you’ve paid for it. This software does the job it says on the tin and comes with guarantees and a variety of ways of paying that are discrete and well worth the cost. They also have one of the best deals in terms of the fact that you can try the product and pay a real minimal cost for the basic package for just a month. Many folk find that that is exactly what they need and all that they need in order to find out the truth of what their wife has been getting up to. Just the text message tracker alone is often enough to seal the dirty truth. Short of paying hundreds of dollars to a Private Eye (who’s probably using this software anyway) this is the only feasible way of catching a sneaky cheat. She won’t suspect that you’ve got a secret window on her cheating world – and that knowledge will give you the power to take control again and get your life back on track!

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