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What’s The Best Cell Spy Software

I’d like to monitor my husband’s text messages without using his phone, i.e. I don’t want to have to download software to his cell phone – is this possible?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with current cell spying software. Unless you have some kind of CIA or MI6 access a la James Bond and can tap into the airwaves or landlines directly, this is not something that is available to the public. The only possible way to do this currently is by downloading a piece of software to the target cell phone. Of course, this takes a few minutes and comes with risk in itself because you need physical access to the phone and time to be able to do the download. If you can get 10 minutes with the phone and you know the password or PIN and can get online with it, then you are ready to go. The software will cost you a few dollars. I think at last look it was about $30 or $40 (£20 to £30 sterling) for the basic 1 month license.

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Cheap and reliable cell spying program

Most reliable cell snooper?

This is not a worry in terms of privacy because the payment statement will be very discrete. Also, unless the person is really looking deep and hard at the possibility of spyware on his phone, then the chances of them discovering its use are negligible. (The software buries itself so deep and hides itself away anonymously in the phone programs – it’s not readily viewable on the menus).

Is There a Way to Tap a Spouse’s Phone

See the answer given above. Obviously, this software is useful for tracking any phone – it doesn’t matter the sex of the owner. The spyware has multiple functions enabling you to see text messaging, IM chats, all the main chat apps like WhatsApp and BBM. It will also allow you to spy on phone calls live (i.e. you can listen in or use the phone as a remote microphone on the place where they’re at). Other basic functions include GPS tracking of the phone (so that you know where the phone holder is at any time) and access to address book / contact names and numbers, internet web history (you’ll know which websites they frequent) and all photos, gifs and images sent to and from the phone. Pretty much every aspect of what that person is doing on their phone is available for you to see when you use this software.

How Can You Read Your Spouse Text Messages or IMs and Chats Online

The way this works is that once you have downloaded the software app to the target phone, you get a private online login where all this data is sent to for you to look at whenever you want. Of course, only YOU can see this. It’s a nice little online console that you can log into online from anywhere in the world (so yes – it still works when they’re away on business trips etc.) and you’ll see all of the activity on that phone (depending on which package you sign up for, of course). I’d suggest a 1 month Premium package as a tester. It often turns out that this is enough to find out what you want to know – especially when it comes to cheating spouses or infidelity (whether it’s physical or just at the flirting stage). On this note, I’d like to point out that I’ve had several bits of feedback from partners (in marriage or otherwise) that have been pleased to note that this tech caught their partner while at the flirting stage and they were able to knock a potential relationship on the head by swift action.

Is There A Way of Getting Partner’s Phone Activity Sent To Your Phone

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Yes – again, see above. The way this works is that the information is stored online for you (securely) so that you can retrieve it when you want and how you want. As long as you have internet on your phone – you can get access to their secret information. And this goes for any method (i.e. you could also access the info via any laptop, PC or tablet, also).

How To Spy On My Wife Phone Using Her Phone Number

Unfortunately, this is an example of a question that I hear all too often and it comes back to the idea of being able to track cell phone details and data without first physically accessing their phone and downloading the app. Simply put, it’s not possible to just track somebody’s info by just knowing their phone number. This spying tech is borderline in terms of how far-out it is already without that also being a possibility. I mean, this is getting into the realms of serious espionage and tracking. Imagine if it were possible to spy on somebody’s phone just by using their phone number and nothing else. This kind of “remote spy” cell spying is beyond the scope of us mere mortals, I’m afraid. I have no idea what they get up to in the higher echelons of the intelligence community but it certainly isn’t available to the buying public. In any case, the methods outlined here are certainly valid and real. In certain situations and circumstances it might require some out-of-the-box thinking in order to get access to the target phone (I’ll be posting more hints about ways of circumventing this potential deal-breaker tomorrow – so favorite us and tune in again), but that is the only thing stopping the use of this tech – and there’s almost always a sneaky way around that (hint – look for tomorrow’s blog post).

In the meantime, if you’re good to go and have a few dollars stashed away (hardly the price of a takeaway meal) and are willing to spend that on peace of mind and a more sane outlook on life without all the hours of worry – maybe it’s time to take the plunge and find out the truth once and for all.

Cell Phone Spyware in South Africa

There are plenty of folks in South Africa who might want to use cell phone spying software. These days the preferred term is “monitoring software”. There’s a bit of a nasty odor around the use of the term “spying” but, let’s face it – that’s pretty much what it is.

South africa spy phone

Spy Cell Phones SA

If you want to get up-to-date information on what somebody is doing on their phone, be it an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other kind of cell phone (has to be one with internet, i.e. a Smart phone) then there are apps out there that can help you to do this.

They are generally marketed as software to help you monitor your children’s cell phone use or perhaps even your employee’s cell phone use because these are legal ways to use it in the USA where it is marketed the most. In fact, most uses of this kind of software are all about keeping an eye on what your spouse (or future potential spouse, e.g. girlfriend or boyfriend) are up to via their cell phones.

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It’s not unsurprising that if a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife is cheating, then most of their surreptitious conversations are going to take place via a cell phone – either by text/SMS or by one of the many chatting apps now out there like WhatsApp (recently bought by Facebook and massively popular) or one of the other Android-based messaging and chatting apps like ChatOn, Kik, Skype or Snapchat. The phones mostly being used in South Africa today are pretty much like what’s being sold in the US or Europe and so the chatting apps and firmware are all similar. If you’re using any of the following, then this software will work for you: Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Nokia and HTC.

What I’m saying is that if you have a need to know what somebody is saying or texting then you can pick up a software that will intercept all of that. Indeed, it will go a few steps further (depending on how much you want to spend) – for example, you can listen in to live phone calls, spy on the phone via GPS and Google Maps, get alerted when the phone is being used so that you can see who is calling what number and when and to whom.

Basically, you can monitor all of the phone’s incoming and outgoing traffic, right down to seeing what they are looking at on the internet, i.e. websites, photos and email conversations. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband are cheating on you and using their mobile phone to carry on sneaky phonecall or text conversations, even if they are using internet based chatting apps, then you’re gonna see exactly what they are up to by using this software.

The easiest way to do this is to visit the links in this article. You can look around to make sure the target phone is compatible. (They pretty much all are if they are internet-ready smart phones). You can also have a look at the different deals that the company offers. You can just pick up a basic pay-per-month package for around 450 Rand – this will probably be enough for what you need but it doesn’t have to end there with some of their premium features.

Obviously, you will need to install this software on the target phone for it to work and quite often this is the trickiest proposition, but have a look around this site for some ways that make this as easy as child’s play. If you can get 5 minutes alone with the target cell phone and you have an internet connection you can get this done in no time.

If you need to know if somebody has been cheating or you need to know about what’s going on on anybody’s cell phone then this app will give you the lowdown. It’s complete access (via a secure internet control panel) to exactly what’s happening on the phone.

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