Month: July 2015

Want to Spy on GFs Phone?

How To Spy On My GFs Phone

“I want to spy on my gf’s phone”. This is something I’m asked all the time. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll try to let the person know that this probably isn’t a very good idea. For one, it’s a serious trust issue that is being broken so if your relationship is on rocky ground anyway, how is this going to be a good idea? It’s probably just going to exacerbate the situation and probably get on the person’s nerves more. If this happens, then they are probably more likely than ever to cheat so you’re just going to be getting yourself into a vicious circle.

how to spy on girlfriends cellphone

Spying on GF’s Phone

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Spying on Nexus 6 or Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 – It doesn’t matter!

If I wanted to spy on my girlfriend’s phone – let’s say it’s one of those new Android smartphones like the Nexus 6 – I’d hop over to the company that supplies the spyware and simply install it. (You can check out the links on this post for the best value spyware that money can buy!). My point is that it is possible to do it very easily but have you really thought this through and is this really the best course of action?
All I’m saying is that there is more than one way to swing a cat. If you’re really suspicious that your girlfriend might be cheating on you then, yes, you’ll probably find out about exactly what she’s doing via snooping on her cellphone. These days they even come with software that intercepts all the top chatting apps and dating apps like Moco and Waplog. Text / SMS messages are easily monitored and stored for your reference, heck you can even listen in to live phonecalls. But is this what you really want to be doing? Surely if you’re already atthis point of distrust there’s probably no point in inflicting further misery on yourself by spying on every little thing she does through her phone.
The same applies to spying on your GF’s computer, laptop or Pad. Again, the software I link to on this page will also do this for very little cost, but think before you make such an in depth decision.

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Spy on GF’s Chatting or Dating Apps? Easy!

So you want to install this spy software on her new Sony Xperia Z3 or the latest love of her life her LG G4. Perhaps that’s the problem. She’s spending more time on her beloved iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 than she’s showing attention to you. Sometimes the green eyed monster of jealousy works in mysterious ways and what you think is happening isn’t real at all. Not all girlfriends are flirting on chat or dating apps when they are not with you. Although, to be honest – whether they are or are not doing some of the cheating type things that you imagine they are, you would definitely find out one way or the other with this spying software.

If you recognize any of these best dating apps on their phone, perhaps your suspicions are more well-founded?