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How to Bug A Cell Phone – Cell Phone Bugging Guide

I’m getting plenty of emails recently asking about how to bug a cell phone and so decided to write this quick cell phone bugging guide to help people out. Whether the reason is looking out for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son or daughter the method is the same.

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Generally I talk about tracking a cell phone on this site but other synonyms used that basically mean the same thing are “Tapping a cell phone”, “spying on a cell phone” or “cell phone monitoring”. So, without further ado, here’s a quick guide to how you can quickly and easily bug a mobile phone.

How To Bug A Mobile Phone – The Easy Way

In a way, we are not talking about the kind of scene that you see in spy movies, where the secret agent plants a physical bug device on a land-line phone to intercept the calls or hides a bugging device under the desk of a counterpart secret agent to listen in to the room environment.

cell phone bug

How to Bug a Mobile Phone

Here’s an example of this kind of classic RF transmitter as depicted in spy movies since the 50s:

There’s no actual physical device used here, as such – just the phone itself. The real secret is in the software that is used to do the bugging job. So, in all fairness, those old movie scenes are pretty much out-of-date as we now have silent and invisible technology that can pretty much do the same thing but it is the form of a modern smartphone app.

Essentially, what you need to do is get a particular piece of software installed on the target cell phone, which then relays information away to a third party area that then stores all data from the phone in a way in which you can easily retrieve it. It’s quite a simple concept, but I come across folks every day who have no idea that this software exists or is so powerful. One caveat being that this might very well be illegal where you live. Some countries’ laws are more lax and you may get away with it, so this kind of use is very much a situation where the onus is on the user. I’d always advise making sure that you err on the side of local laws that pertain to where you live.

Most of the time, cell phone bugging software is marketed as being aimed at employees (who have signed a form saying that they accept that their calls, texts, phone internet data etc. might be monitored.) Or it is aimed at parents who are concerned for their child’s or teen’s online (or on-phone well-being). These are the legitimate uses of such technology as the law would accept that there are no laws of privacy being violated in most jurisdictions.

With the advent of smart phones and their use in everyday life, this kind of software can be exploited as never before. Almost all aspects of our lives are in someway attached to our phone use – whether it is keeping records of contacts, the fact that GPS can now track our locations at all times or just in the way we interact with our peers or friends through chatting apps or social media – we can now do all of this through our phones and most of us do.

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Incredibly Powerful Bugging Apps

Imagine, then a technology that let’s you tap into that stream of knowledge about somebody. You’ll pretty much have a handle of exactly who they’ve been talking to, what they’ve been saying (or writing through chatrooms or SMS) and where they’ve been. Hence, the power of modern cell phone bugging has never been a greater tool or asset to command.

If you want to know more about how to bug a cell phone, how it works and the steps required to implement it, there are a number of guides in the articles on this site about various methods, different vendors of the software, as well as discount codes to cheap spy software and tips and tricks about how to get the best out of these apps.

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Cell Phone Listening Devices You’ll Love

When it comes to cell phone listening devices, of course, the majority of high tech disruptive technology is only readily available to the likes of the NSA and other covert government agencies. However, there are devices – actually more like apps or software, that are available to the general public that will allow the user to listen in to phone calls and generally spy on a cell phone’s data.

Cell Phone Spying Devices

Cell Phone Listening Devices

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So, as well as being able to listen in while somebody is making a live call, they can also be used to spy on the ambient noise in a room that the cell phone is in, by remotely controlling the speaker, thereby allowing eavesdropping on conversations. All this can be done without the permission of the phone owner, although this, of course, would be treading on legal boundaries in most States if for example you were trying to spy on a husband or wife, unless the third party was one of your own children under the age of 18 or, for example, an employee from whom you have sought written permission for the monitoring.

Cell Phone Listening Device Compatibility

So, cell phone listening devices, in this context, boil down to software apps that you can install on any particular mobile phone or modern smart phone as long as that phone can be connected to the internet. Most of the software manufacturers have managed to make the software available for all types of mobile phone device so that all platforms, i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows-based phones are compatible and they also seek to keep up with the latest advances in mobile device technology, so that you can also target pads, laptops, PCs and phones. Most common brands are also incorporated so that the listening software will work on anything from a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium or Z3 range to the latest iPhone range.

Indeed, during our latest testing and research, we have found the following brands compatible with this phone listening technology:

HTC One M9, Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, iPhone 6S Plus, LG G4, Nexus 5X, Microsoft Lumia 950, Blackberry Priv, OnePlus 2, HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as Nokia, ZTE, Xiaomi, TCL-Alcatel, LG Electronics, Huawei, Lenovo (Motorola) and most Apple products.

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There used to be a problem with having to jailbreak or hack the iPhone and Android products but these problems have now been largely circumvented by the better listening software providers.

Not Just A Listening Device!

What makes these apps so appealing, apart from the comparatively small charge for being able to listen in to any mobile phone is that they come with all sorts of other add-on features such as the ability to detect all phone data such as contact books and even detect the whereabouts of the user by using the phone’s GPS tracker. They have the ability to intercept text and SMS messages and see the emails that are being sent to and from the cell phone. Nowadays with the plethora of chatting apps being used, especially by our teenage sons and daughters, they can also intercept and log all snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Telegram and Line chatting applications. In the case of Snapchat where messages are usually deleted within a very short time, this is a fantastic way of seeing what the user may or may not be trying to hide.

With the added ability to see all internet use such as history, sites visited and internet logs, these listening devices have become the number one detective tool for finding out if your loved one or employee or whoever is telling the truth about their activities.

Simple and Easy To Use Cell Phone Listening Devices

The apps that can do all this detective work for you are very simple to use. Essentially to download the app from online onto the phone and you are given a token or key to a secure online site from where you can monitor all of the above phone activities in your own time and in stunning detail. And all of this for less than the price of a meal out per month. There’s nothing to lose here if you need to find out what the user has been up to on their phone and the timing has never been better as these apps are now extremely cheap and incredibly functional, all while being almost totally hidden and anonymous.

Recommended Cell Phone Listening Devices

There are a number of these apps on the market purporting to be the be all and end-all of cell phone listening devices but only a small number are worthy of their claims and actually support the purchaser through excellent customer support and service. And almost all of them will lead you up the garden path with unfounded promises or unrealistic claims. Beware the unscrupulous online dealers who will try to sell you sub-standard apps that will do next to nothing when it comes to clever snooping and just leave you with a dent in your wallet and no recourse as they are just Mickey Mouse companies that come and go on the web.

So for a recommendation, the service provider that I most trust, has been in the business the longest, has the best features and the smartest price range has to be MSpy. They beat the competition hands down and honour, without question, their guarantees and full refund policies if you have any problem whatsoever with their products.

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