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3 Ways to Spy On My Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

Here’s a few ideas if you’ve been surfing around and looking for ways to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone.

Spy On Boyfriend’s Phone The Old Fashioned Way

First of all you can just be subtle about it and keep a close ear to the ground when he takes or makes calls. If you want to be ultra-sneaky, you’ll probably need to take a sneak peek at his text messages and any other history that you can get out of his phone whenever he puts it down.

monitor boyfriend's phone

Spying On His Calls

This might give you some peace of mind or it might just confirm what you’ve already suspected. If he’s cheating on you you’ll likely find evidence in his call or text history. Most secretive communications with lovers are made via mobile phones so there’s likely to be at least some evidence left behind at some stage.

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You should try getting hold of his phone when he’s least expecting you to try. If he thinks you’re out or asleep, he’s not going to be so likely to use a PIN or lock it with a password. In any case, he’s likely to forget to do this sometimes any way. He might, of course, also be so totally trusting of you that he would never suspect that you were trying to spy on his texts, internet history or WhatsApp or other chatting and IM programs.

Keyloggers and Spying Apps

Of course, with the ultra-secretive BF who’s trying to keep an affair as secret as he can or if you want to monitor a husband’s calls – he’s likely to use a pass or PIN on his phone most of the time. It’s also possible that he’ll have a separate phone that he uses only for this purpose, so make sure you check any hiding places that he may have for keeping something like this hidden from you. Check the usual places that he goes that he doesn’t think that you will go to; the garage, the yard outhouse, the tool-shed, an office or games room. Check for places like taped under the bed, hidden compartments under pull out drawers or things that he can keep close with him and on the move all the time like sports bags or work bags or briefcases.

This is the obvious thing to do if you need to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you and you know that there will be evidence on his cell phone. You can also do similar things online and with his computer if you manage to get hold of his email passwords. If you get those, you’ll likely also get his chat, Skype and other passwords and you’ll be able to see the history and hopefully put two and two together if he’s playing the field behind your back.

Get a Friend To Help

Another thing you can do get everybody you trust to keep their eyes and ears open especially when he is on his phone. He might be less suspecting if he’s with one of your friends that they’d ever dream of checking his phone for hidden data such as phone numbers, address book contacts or internet surfing history or call logs and history. If you can get somebody onside trustworthy enough then you’ll make life easier on yourself.

I suppose the last resort is to install what’s known as cell phone spyware on your boyfriends phone. This is an app or program that you can install to any internet able cell phone. Of course, you’ll need access to do this but it is the only real way of gathering all the data you need when he is totally ignorant of you spying on him.

The Last Resort? Buy Cell Spy Software

Basically the software sits invisibly on his phone and transmits all data (including a recording of actual and live phonecalls if you require) to a secure platform on the web where you can (and only you) can retrieve all the data transmitted. This includes all texts sent and received in full, all phone call history (numbers dialled and incoming, time and date, whether the number is connected to a known contact name in his phone), all surfing history, all emails sent via the phone as well as all kinds of other incredible features such as WhatsApp and Skype interception. Basically if he can do it via his phone you will know about it.

You might expect to pay a pretty penny for such a stealthy technology, but actually, if you look at the deals they are giving out, you can pay for the software as you go and at different levels of access and functionality.

Check the website here for all details of this incredibly useful technology which may, ultimately, be the only way forward in your search for the truth. Good luck!

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Mobile Spying – BBC Article

Privacy Rights

What’s The Best Way to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

Cell Phone Technology Helps Catch Cheating Spouse!

What’s the best way to spy on a cheating spouse? This question is asked over and over in the forums and discussion sites about marital problems and is posted so frequently on Q&A sites that I thought it would be worth a full response here that covers all bases. It’s not all that surprising when you see the kinds of figures being shown in the statistics regarding infidelity.

Catch a cheating spouse with cell phone spy software

Is she cheating? Try a cell phone spy

Of course, traditionally, the best way to spy on a cheating husband or wife relied on employing the services of a Private Investigator. Although these guys still exist in their grubby offices – and certainly have their uses, especially if you need to physically tail somebody or get photos or video of a partner’s misdemeanours, they prove to be very expensive. After all, you are employing man-power plus expenses (both business and living) and over a number of hours work in surveillance or tracking mode, the bills can add up substantially – and there’s usually a final fee that will include the cost of the real goodies themselves, i.e. the actual evidence and the media that it is provided on and also expenses such as gas, hotel bills and miscellaneous take-outs and restaurant bills. There are still situations in which hiring a Private Eye may be the only way to go about getting certain information in particular scenarios – and these include long-term surveillance and evidence based around an individual’s whereabouts and the company that they are keeping.

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However, there is a new kid on the block in terms of truly portable, home-style spying and that comes about by the use of mobile phone technology. Let’s face it – most folks nowadays are doing 90% of their communication with other people via their mobile phones – especially in this day and age of internet smart phones. And, of course, this includes all the straying and cheating husbands and wifes, girlfriends and boyfriends.

Even the most secretive cheaters are still so used to using their cell phones for communication, imagine what you could find out if you had access to their contact pages, text messages and SMS, emails or even (and this is the new big thing) access to their IMs or chat services such as WhatsApp, Viber or any other of the multitude of video and chatting apps now being used to save money on texting and calling. Heck, there is now even a way of listening in to live conversations. And all of this can be done from the comfort of your own armchair, whenever you wish, in real-time.

Now, I’m not going to go into the ethics of spying on a loved-one who may be cheating. If you’re reading this now it means that you’ve already considered the possibility or are simply curious because you assume (or may have heard incredible reports) that this may be an effective way to find out for sure about a cheating partner. And it’s true. Many folks are now managing to catch their spouses in the act simply via their cell phones and the data and information that can be gathered from them quickly, simply and without the other person’s knowledge. Before purchasing one of the ridiculously cheap packages that I’m about to tell you about I would suggest checking state and country laws for yourself about the legality of this kind of action. The moral implications I will also leave to the reader to consider, as an adult.

Best Functions For Price?

One of the better products that I’ve come across in my research into cell phone spying apps has been the one in the links here. The benefits of using such cell phone tracking software become clear even with a cursory glance at their functionality page – here’s a post that goes into more detail about how cell spying apps work. The software allows you to install software on the target cell phone that will glean the following kinds of data instantly and live – usually more than enough to show you what you need to know about a partner’s cheating and who they may be doing it with. Here’s what you can do with this comprehensive and fully functioning software:

Monitor All Their Cell Phone Calls

  • Live Call Recordings
  • Incoming Calls
  • Outgoing Calls

Track All Their Text / Sms Messages

  • View all Sent and Received SMS and texts

Read All Their Emails

  • Incoming / Outgoing E-mails, contacts, time and date sent

Track Their GPS Location

  • Current GPS Location via mapping tools

Monitor Their Internet Use

  • Scrutinise Browser History, Favorites and Bookmarks


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Functionality continued…

Access The Phone’s Calendar and Address Book

  • To see: Calendar, Activities, Contacts

Intercept Their IMs and Chat and Video Chat History

  • Record Skype calls, WhatsApp, iMessage, FB Social Network, Viber, BBM

Record Their Surroundings

  • Environment/room bugging, use the phone to listen to surroundings

View All Multimedia Files

  • Including all photos, images and videos

Fully Comprehensive Reports and online viewing control panel

As you can see this is a fully functioning software with all the bits and pieces you could possibly need to snoop on a spouse and see who they are truly communicating with and when. The software can be used partially or fully (many folks get exactly what they need with the cheaper basic package that simply allows the text message spying) after all, many illicit relationships are planned and meetings organised simply via texting. You also get to see exactly how your partner is relating to supposed colleagues and “just friends” by the way they communicate via text message and chatting apps, especially when they have no clue that you are able to see exactly what they are sending and receiving via their phones.

Compatability of Spy Software

The thing about this software is that, unlike many of the fake and scam products out there that rip off parts of this software and sell them under their own brand, this is a real company with real accounting, support and guarantees. The service is discrete and customer support designed to give you the time and knowledge to help you get the best out of the software app. They fully support most types of mobile phone platform from the latest iPhone iOS – here’s a list of supported phones:

iPhone iOS:

Phones: iPhone S5, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS,

Tablets: iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini, 4, 3, 2, 1

**Please note that iPhone needs jailbreaking first!** See here

Android OS:


Galaxy: S4 (& Active & Mini), Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S3 (Mini), Ring, Note, Grand, Grand 2, Express, Ace, Mega, Light, Nexus, Prevail, Round, Star, Tab, Tab 3, Tab 2, Hennessy, Y Pro and others.


EVO Design 4G, HTC One (& Max & SV LTE) , HTC Desire 200, Desire 300, Desire Q, Desire 601, Desire V, HTC Butterfly S, HTC Amaze 4G, Desire X, HTC Droid DNA, HTC Sensation, HTC Wildfire


Droid, Razr, DROID X, Droid MAXX, ATRIX 2, Defy Pro, DEFY+, Droid Mini, Droid Razr HD, DROID RAZR M, Droid Razr MAXX, DROID RAZR MAXX HD, Droid Ultra, Moto G, Moto X, Razr D1, RAZR D3, RAZR i, Razr V


Optimus L4, Optimus L3 E405, Optimus L7 P700, Optimus L6, Optimus GJ, Nexus 4 E960, Optimus G Pro, G2, Enact, Escape P870, G Flex, G Pad 8.3, G Pro Lite, Lucid 2, Nexus 7, Optimus F3, Optimus F5, Optimus F6, Optimus F7, Optimus G E970, Optimus L1 II, Optimus L4 II, Optimus L9 P769, Optimus Vu II F200, Optimus Zone, Splendor US730

Sony Experia

Xperia E, Xperia Z, Xperia acro S, Xperia J, Xperia M, Xperia P, Xperia S, Xperia sola, Xperia T, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia tipo, Xperia U, Xperia V, Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1, Xperia ZR

Sony Ericsson

Xperia X1, Xperia X2, Xperia acro, Xperia arc, Xperia neo, Xperia neo V, Xperia ray, Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini, Xperia X10 mini pro, Xperia X10 mini pro2, Xperia X12, Xperia X8


N95-3 NAM, E65, E66, E71x, E90, N76, N77, N78, N79, N8, N82, N91, N96, N96-3, X6 16GB, E7, E71, E73 Mode, E90 Communicator, N73, N80, N81 8GB, N85, N86, 8MP, N91 8GB, N92, N93i, N97, N97 mini, X6 8GB, C6-01, E72, N75, N95 8GB, X5-01, X6, E70, 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 Navigation Edition, E51, E63, E75, 3250, 5228, 5233, 5235, 5250, 5320 XpressMusic, 5500, 5500 Sport, 5630 XpressMusic, 5700 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6120 classic, 6121 classic, 6124 classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6290, 6710 Navigator, 6720 classic, 6730 classic, 6760 slide, 6788, 6790 slide, 6790 Surge, C5, C5-03, C6, C7, E5, E50, E52, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E62, N81, N93, N95 and more being added all the time including the Asha and Lumia ranges


Bold 9700, Pearl 3G 9100, Storm 9500, 8800, 8820, 8830 World Edition, Bold 9000, Bold 9650, Bold 9780, Curve 3G 9300, Curve 3G 9330, Curve 8300, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, Curve 8330, Curve 8350i, Curve 8520, Curve 8530, Curve 8900, Pearl 3G 9105, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8110, Pearl 8120, Pearl 8130, Pearl Flip 8220, Pearl Flip 8230, Storm 9530, Storm2 9520, Storm2 9550, Style 9670, Torch 9800, Tour 9630

Windows, Symbian and Blackberry phones also supported. Please note: Some chat apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Viber and WhatApp on Android systems will require rooting the phone. See here Rooting . Like jailbreaking for Apple iOS, this allows the user to overcome software limitations built in to try to force users into only installing particular software. Jailbreaking and Rooting are simple enough to do and harmless to the phone. They are commonly used techniques by Android and iPhone users to install software that they would like that has been restricted by their OS (usually to force them into particular sales channels such as Apple App Store or Android App Store). There is plenty of debate over whether such restrictions are lawful and in any case, jailbreaking and rooting can be done via a simple software, the links to which are provided by the manufacturer.

Can the Spy Software be Detected?

Please also remember that the software prides itself on being fully (100%) undetectable. This means that the user will not know that the software is even on the phone (never mind every piece of data being recorded) as long as the instructions are followed fully and internet history of the download is deleted after installation, for example. Full instructions and walkthrough are provided on the manufacturer’s site so there is no need to struggle with installation. It’s all extremely easy to follow.

Once you have decided on the package that you want to use, you install the software to the phone and are given your secure details to you online personal control panel, where you can view all phone activities in your own time and from any device with internet anywhere in the world. Yes, this even works when the phone goes abroad, so you’ll also know exactly what they’re getting up to on those suspicious “Business trips”!

Go and check out the site – choose the package you want today (there are many payment options to suit) that include one month only – sometimes this is more than enough – so there’s always a cheap way for you to use this software without paying on going subscriptions. Good luck with your hunt and I’m sure that you’ll find out the truth once and for all with this amazing software.

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How Do Cell Spying Programs Work?

How Do Cell Spy Apps Work?

Cell spying programs have become all the rage over the past couple of years. Whether it’s for keeping an eye on your kids, keeping track of what an employee is up to or simply as a failsafe for tracking the whereabouts of your own cell phone, there are some decent programs out there that allow you to stay informed about what is happening on a phone and exactly where it is at any particular time. Of course, all those husbands and wives who suspect that their spouses are cheating on them are also getting in on the act by tracking their phones, but I’ll leave the moral and legal implications of doing so for you to research and decide upon.

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This is how Cell Spying Programs and Apps work

How Do Cell Spy Programs Work?

What’s not illegal is the buying of such software. You can get several different “flavors” of cell phone spying software and each has different functions, price points and pros and cons. If you’re simply after an app that will let you keep tabs on your own phone in the situation where it might be lost or stolen, for example, then all platforms such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry seem to have their own free apps available for such circumstances. These usually rely on simple GPS technology to keep you informed of the whereabouts of the phone.

What Do Cell Spy Programs Let You See?

However, if you’re looking for something that will give you a much more detailed look at what’s going on on a particular target cell phone, then you may want to look at something more multi-functional. Many, for example, will allow you to see (from afar!) exactly what is happening on a phone that you have targeted with their spyware. This includes spying on email exchanges, Instant messages passing to and from the phone, the ability to read emails and see the internet history of a phone, the ability to see images and photos passed to and from the phone and even the ability to listen in to a phone call that the user of the target phone is making – live, as it happens! This ground-breaking technology is available as a simple download and will allow you to access all of the above information about any phone that you want to target from a distance. I.e. you can log into an online control panel from any other phone or computer and see what is happening at the target phone whenever you want. This control panel will also save all available data from the phone so that you can check in at your own leisure and see what’s been occurring on the target cell. This is especially good for capturing, for example, text messages that have been sent to or from a phone and have been instantly deleted on reading.

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Installing Cell Spy Programs For WhatsApp And Chat Programs

Quite often, when somebody is trying to cover their tracks for whatever reason, they will immediately delete such things as internet history, text messages, IM chats through Viber, WhatsApp or any of those other mobile chatting apps. What this app (see links) can do is capture that information for retrieval at a later date – without the target phone user ever knowing anything about it! As with all its functionality, the user of the targeted phone will have no clue that their phone has been compromised or that their data is getting leaked to somebody else. You can see how powerful a system this is and what might be possible with it. We are getting into the realms of James Bond here!

So, in more detail, here’s how it works. Firstly, you will need to have access to the target cell phone. This is paramount! Unfortunately, this is the trickiest part of the system and there is no way around it. There are some software apps out there that claim to be able to do this kind of spying remotely but every single one that I have investigated has turned out to be a scam. They simply don’t work and you’ll be wasting your money.

Ways To See Phone PIN or Password for Spying

This system relies on you being able to initialize a download of the app onto the target phone. This means that you’ll need access to the phone for around 5 minutes and it’ll need to be connected to the internet. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll also need the PIN or password of the cell phone to be able to do this. Most people can usually come up with a creative way to get the required 5 minutes alone with the phone that they want to tap into. There are also ways to find out, guess or brute force hack the PIN, especially if the user has been careless and uses a simple Birthday-style digit password for the phone. Of course, in most cases, the person that is being targeted will not suspect that anybody is looking to do such a thing and this point won’t usually be a sticking problem.

So, assuming that you have access to the phone, a few minutes and know the PIN, you’ll be able to download the required app. Once done, you’ll be all set to spy on the phone’s data from whatever other internet-ready device you choose – and from anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of having paid for the software, surfing to the manufacturer’s website from the target phone, using the download key that you’ll get on sign-up and away you go. It’s a simple process and an incredibly effective way of finding out what somebody is up to when you have reason to keep an eye on them without them knowing.

Cheap Spying Software Discounts and Deals

The thing about this software is that it is simply the best app there is for this kind of snooping. The functionality is excellent and you can pay for as much or as little as you need. I’ve often found that people only need the basic package that allows text message spying, for example, to find out exactly what they need to know. The GPS tracker, email, IM tracker, image spy and internet data functions all work perfectly well with the very cheap Basic package. If you want to push the boat out and listen to live conversations on the phone also, or use the phone’s mic to pick up conversations in the room where the phone is, you can opt for the more expensive (but still ridiculously cheap) premium package. They’ll also do deals on how long you want to use the system for, so you can tailor the price to suit your exact needs. With secure payment options, superb customer service and the fact that this spyware works on almost any internet-ready smart phone, you’ll be good to go.

Check out the tracking software today through the links on this page for the best discounts and deals available for you personal needs.

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Video: How Do Cell Spying Apps Work?

ATT Spy Software – Cell Spy Apps that work for Cell Phones on AT&T Network Carrier from Jeff Speakman on Vimeo.


Spyware for Phones and Messenger Apps?

What Is Spyware For Cell Phones and Messenger Apps?

Is there such a thing as a spyware phone? If you mean, is there a device that will allow you to spy on somebody’s mobile phone – then the answer is yes. But it’s not really a device. It’s more like an app that you can download to the phone that you want to spy on and it will let you see all manner of things happening on the phone from a distance.

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This kind of technology is being used extensively by folks for different reasons but one of the main ones (although the manufacturers will spin it differently) is for spying on unfaithful spouses or partners. Let’s put it this way; this software is being used left, right and center, by those who want to spy on what their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is texting, saying during phone calls and which websites they are surfing online. Because the app is so powerful that it is also being used as a cell phone tracker as it can exploit the target cell phone’s GPS system and tell you where the user is at any given time! The other thing it can do (and this is only a recent development) is it can show you all messages typed into chatting and messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, BBM and all the other popular chatting applications that people are currently using on their phones.

Spyware for messenger and phones

Spyware for Phones and Messenger Apps

The manufacturers sell this software as a viable way of protecting your children from predators online and via messenger apps on their phones, and to a degree, this is a good use of the software. It will also allow you to monitor your children’s text messaging, Facebook and other social media use and cell phone calls as it essentially allows you to see exactly what they’re getting up to – and it allows you to do all this without them even knowing – which saves headaches all around! Some businesses are also using the software to keep an eye on employee calls, texts and online internet histories on their business phones which should, of course, help to keep costs down and business needs within focus with more efficient time spent on the business at hand rather than personal use during work time.

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But let’s cut to the chase here. Phone spyware’s biggest use comes from the thousands upon thousands of ordinary men and women who are using it to spy on their partner’s mobile communications. Those that suspect their partners of cheating know that gaining secret access to their other half’s cell phone will help them to determine exactly what their partner is getting up to with secret mistresses or if they are having a fling with the guy from work. It tells them exactly if husband is really out playing golf or down the gym after work every night like he says he is. And of course, it swings both ways; fellas are spying on their wives’ movements especially if they have already suspected that something strange is going on in the relationship.

There are moral judgement calls to be made here, of course. There may also be legal implications depending on where you live so I would always recommend checking out the manufacturer’s terms of use. Possibly one of the most popular variations on the cell phone spyware scene is available through the links in this post. It does seem to have a variety of pay-as-you-go options which may well help to keep the cost of using this powerful cell spy technology down to a minimum (something that sets it apart from many of the other products out there). One month trials, for example, are very popular and may be all that is required for somebody to get to the truth of the matter. With their discrete payment options, impossible to detect software and plethora of tracking options and applications covered (including most smart phones; iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows) they certainly appear to provide the best coverage of tracking services for the relatively small fee and their customer service is second to none.

If you require spyware for cell phones that works for you and will let you have a secret window on their communications; this is what I’d recommend. All the features that you require are available in one quick download to the target phone and you are away. The online control panel then let’s you track all aspects of what is happening on the phone in your own time and from any other internet ready device. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and to have some of the best phone spyware available to you at your fingertips.

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Bugged Cell Phones

Spyware Video:

Where To Buy The Cheapest Mobile Phone Spying Software

The majority of people looking for the cheapest mobile spying software are doing it for one reason and it’s not about tracing their mobile phone if it gets lost or stolen. What the majority are looking to do is to spy on a spouse or loved one that they suspect is cheating on them. This is the reality of the situation and it does start off the alarm bells a little in terms of how legal this is.

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Putting it simply, mobile phone spying software (the kind that you can buy and download online) is not illegal. At least, the act of buying and installing it on a target phone is not illegal. Where things become more a little more hazy in terms of the law in many countries is what you intend to do once the software is installed. Generally, spying on somebody’s cell phone data, whether it’s the live calls, text messages or any other data from the phone, is illegal to do unless you are the legal guardian of a minor or you own the phone and the person you are snooping on has given express permission for you to do so. In many cases, such as employee spying, you will have had to have gotten them to also sign a waiver or declaration that they know you may be monitoring their phone.

Cheapest mobile phone spying software

Cheap Mobile Spy Software

Of course, those that are using these spy softwares for snooping on their husbands, wives or partners are probably not getting this kind of permission. It goes without saying that doing so would render the whole thing untenable. So, my first words to you on this subject would be that you should think very carefully about how you want to use the software, what the legal ramifications might be, and if necessary consult with a lawyer before doing so.

That said, I get asked regularly about where folks should go if they want to buy the best quality yet cheapest mobile phone spying software that actually works well and is good value for money. Now, my opinion on this has changed over the last year or so. At one point about a year ago I was recommending a particular product that is well known out there and has, shall we say, some cartoon-like graphics on the sales page. For a long time, this was the best-selling spyware out there and my readers were telling me that they were getting great value for money, awesome customer service and no issues with using this mobile spy. Indeed, it seemed head and shoulders above the rest in terms of functionality, ease-of-use and reliability. This product, that shall remain nameless (although soap suds come to mind when describing the brand!), was getting the most attention from the media and indeed, for a while, I was receiving high recommendations about it. However, tail end of last year and into the turn of 2013, I was hearing about more and more issues with this programme and many folks were apparently demanding refunds. Dismayed to hear this, (about a product that I had held in great esteem for at least a couple of years), I decided to look into the company behind its particulars. I discovered that the company had been put up for sale and the website was also featuring on some high profile websites for sale site. It seems that the current owners had either lost interest in the product or were simply trying to sell out to the highest bidder. It kind of explained why I’d been hearing so many bad things about the company recently and especially about the support which had seemed to have gone downhill.

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Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went on a mission to find the cheapest, yet most functional mobile spying software out there because many people were still coming to me for recommendations and I couldn’t honestly go with them anymore. Eventually, early on this year (and I’m hoping they will continue to excel way into 2014 and beyond), I found the app available through the links here. Their software did everything it said it would and much more. With the advent of social media and cell phone chatting apps, they were even keeping up with WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger and other apps that had been difficult to track previously. Basically, with a package from this company, there was really nothing that could not be tracked on any given cell phone. The company also had a professional image and were selling into small businesses and focusing more on their customer’s needs. At last, I had found a company (going through a bona fide third party payment processor) that would provide the best service for those that required the best mobile phone spying package. And they even trumped all the competition on price. If you’re looking for the cheapest mobile spying software program, you’ll find it difficult to beat their price on cheap pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go basic and premium packages. You can pick up a basic package; that includes text message spy and all the other functions you’d expect from a first rate mobile spy company at crazy low prices like $20 (this will still include full cell phone data about call time and duration, GPS tracking and internet and email spying. Of course, you can scale up and tailor your needs to listening in to live chats and conversations and spying on all the other premium messaging apps for small increments in cost, but the variety and scope of their offering is staggering – and extremely cheap for what you get.

I’m not going to go into their full service offerings here; nor am I going to go into which phones are compatible with their software. Suffice to say, they cater for almost every smart, internet phone out there and that includes all platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian. So whether it’s the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Sony Xperia Z, any of the Galaxy Mini Series, Blackberry Q10 or Z10 or 9000 series, Google Nexus 5, iPhone 4 or the HTC One, you’re bound to find that your phone works with this software.

When it comes to where to find the cheapest, most functional mobile phone spying software available (especially under $50) we’ve got you covered!

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What’s The Best Way To Tap My Husband’s Cell Phone

What’s the best way to tap my husband’s cell phone? This is a common query I’m seeing from ladies that obviously think that their hubby is cheating on them!

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Phones Being Tapped All Over The World!

And, it’s not totally surprising to be reading stuff like this especially when there’s been such media coverage lately about cell phone tapping and ways of spying on mobile phone answer phone messages. It’s been all over the news recently especially in a few high-profile cases in the UK as well as India. You could also say that this whole surveillance thing has gotten a bit out of hand with the NSA allegations with countries like France and Germany accusing the United States of intercepting millions of phone calls. Like I say – it seems that anybody is fair game and if you are able to get hold of software that lets you spy on a cell phone then why not use it?


Cell phone tapped

Tap Your Husband’s Phone

So, what is out there on the market that is available for us, Joe Public, to use? Well, I’ve been looking into a nifty software program recently. They seem to be the most trusted cell phone spying software vendor out there currently, so I went and had a look at some of the monitoring features that they were touting on their website.

Review of Phone Tapping Software

One of the main takeaways was that, once installed, this software was invisible to on the phone. In other words, there’s no way that the user can detect that they’re being spied upon. That being said, there are laws against this kind of monitoring in most countries, i.e. spying on a husband’s cell phone, for example, without their express permission to do so. Of course, by all accounts and the amount of stuff I’m reading around the web, not many are adhering to such rules! It seems to me that this app is probably THE most used monitoring app out there for spying on a spouse – I hardly believe that all of those using such a program have been getting permission to do so. That being said, it is stated quite clearly on the manufacturer’s site that you could be in violation of laws if you misuse this software. I get emptor caveat and all that. This isn’t a nanny state and folks can make their own decisions about how they are going to use this stuff (And that includes tapping their husband’s cell phone if need be) and what the risks are.

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Catch Your Husband Cheating

It is clear that this software does what it says on the tin and could indeed help you to catch a cheating husband, if, like most people, he is using his cell phone to communicate with his secret lover. If you’ve suspected that those text messages that he’s been quickly deleting or those phone calls from mysterious numbers that he won’t take when you are around are something sinister – like a secret girlfriend trying to call him – then using a software like this will let you see what’s really going on.

Tapped Husband's Phone

Husband’s Phone Tapped –

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The way this works is that you order the app online. You then get a license key that will allow you to download the spying software to the TARGET CELL PHONE. This is important to understand right here. This software has to be downloaded to the TARGET CELLPHONE. Once on there it is quickly hidden away as if it was never there but the only way you can currently spy on somebody else’s cell is by doing this. There is no magic trick where you can simply dial a number and access his cell phone. If you think about it that would be way too open to misuse. So, to continue; you will need access to his phone for about 5 to 10 minutes so that the software can be installed on it by surfing with the phone to the website and installing it with the license key. That is the difficult part done. Although, in my research, I’ve become very aware that most men are sloppy when it comes to keeping their phones locked with a PIN or even keeping an eye on where it is all the time, for example when they’re in the shower. Cheating men are quite often oblivious to the fact that their wife suspects something, anyway and it simply does not occur to them that there may be a way that their wife could spy on their cell phone use. It does seem rather far-fetched, after all, unless you actually done the research and realise that this kind of spying software is available – and for such a cheap price!

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Best Price Cell Spying Software

Here’s the thing about price (and there are many secure and discrete ways to pay!). This software can be bought for as little as $50 (sometimes less, depending on the deals and discounts available). You’ll find that the links on this page will get you through to the best available price at the time of clicking! I mean, $50 for the price of finding out his sordid secrets? For knowing where you really stand in this relationships and what he’s been up to! This is your LIFE we are talking about here! It may turn out that something is salvageable – it was just some flirty nonsense that got out of hand, never really went anywhere and he’s trying to avoid the situation now. It’s definitely worth finding out the truth so that you can take control of the situation on your own terms with all the facts in place.

So, here’s what the software lets you do after it is installed and you have accessed your secret online control panel from where you can see all the action on his phone. Tapping your husband’s cell phone has never been easier – and remember, this software is compatible with all forms of modern (and older model) smartphones that are internet-ready. This includes, iPhones, Blackberry, Android phones, Nokia, Samsung, Windows, Sony, Symbian etc. etc.

You can read all text messages, SMS sent to and from the phone. Even (and especially) the ones that get deleted immediately either from the inbox or sent items. This is included in the basic package upwards and is quite often powerful enough on its own to let you know exactly where you stand. The ability to read the phone’s incoming and outbound text messages can be the Number 1 giveaway of exactly what he’s been up to. He may think he’s safe, arranging quick meet-ups or sending those flirty and dirty texts and then instantly deleting them the moment they’ve been sent, but with this software you will not miss a word he says. Everything will be saved in your online control panel to go over in your own time from any internet ready device you want and from anywhere in the world. Of course, only you can see this information. It is totally private to you and up to you to do what you will with it. And he won’t have a clue that you have this secret window on his world!

Features Of The Software

Another of the awesome features that is available even with the basic package is the GPS tracker. This will show you exactly where the phone (and by inference where he) is at all times the phone is switched on. So, when he says he’s working late or he’s on that business trip, and you have your doubts, you’ll be able to verify exactly where he is at all times. Again, this is a powerful application of the software that you are getting for absolute peanuts, but you can see the power that can be wielded with it! It may even lead you to clues about exactly who he’s seeing and where. If you’re seeing him via the GPS tracker at a downtown hotel every Saturday when he’s supposed to be out playing golf with the boys then there’s your cue for further investigation.

As if you won’t already have enough clues from the text message tracker and the GPS phone tracker, you can also see all call history for the phone including numbers called and calling, time of call, duration of call. If that called or calling number is tied to a name in the contacts list, you’ll also see that. Even if it just seems to be an anonymous phone number that he’s calling or being called by all the time, you can still do something about it by using one of the many reverse cell phone services available online.

On the upgraded package of this mobile phone monitoring software you will even be able to listen in to the phone call itself! I know many women that I’ve spoken to that have used this software to track their husbands have not all wanted to go this far! This can be cruel to you and sometimes too devastating to hear. Others just wanted the lowdown on exactly what was being said during these phone calls and in what kind of tone so that they could gauge if things seemed salvageable or had just gone way too far. Anyway, whatever you decide, it’s an available option if you chose to take it.

Spy On Messaging Apps!

Other aspects of the basic package that can help you in your quest for the truth are the ability to spy on his emails, his IMs and chats (Whether via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Blackberry BBMs, Viber and other instant messaging apps). You can also see the phone’s internet history including all pages browsed and all downloads to the phone. You can also see all images that are sent to and from the phone – as you might imagine – these can be pretty revealing in themselves! This tracking software can also be used to spy on tablets pads and ipads!

All in all, if you want to go down this route because you are desperate for the truth and cannot see another way of getting to it – this is the easy way and the sneaky way because they will not see what is coming! It’s also extremely cheap for such a powerful software and what it can mean to the outcome for you and your family.

Go over to the site, check out the testimonial, and check out their guarantees. I guarantee you will not find a better, more power-packed cell phone spyware for your money.

I hope I have answered your question about “The best way to tap my husband’s cell phone”. And rest-assured; it’s probably no crumb of comfort, but you’re certainly not the only one asking it! Many women have benefitted from the power of this software and have used it to get their lives back on track.

Beware the other scammy products online that try to imitate the best. THIS is the REAL DEAL and works well. Check it out today and good luck with your hunt.

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How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages?

Spying On WhatsApp Messages

Spying on Whatsapp messages

How To Monitor Whatsapp Messages

If you’ve bought into one of these cell phone spying programs in recent years, you’ll know that they pack a punch when it comes to monitoring our kid’s online safety and well-being. One of the problems currently is that many kids have cottoned onto a free app called Whatsapp that allows them to essentially use unlimited text messages for free. This works because the Whatsapp app doesn’t use the traditional SMS or text based services but is simply an online messaging tool.

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In order to be able to spy on WhatsApp messages and intercept instant messages you’ll need to physically install a cell phone monitor that can pick up this cross-platform app and there are not many of them about!

Best Program For WhatsApp Monitoring?

I’ve found that this (see links) software can pick up Whatsapp messages pretty easily and it’s possibly the cheapest cell phone monitoring software out there anyway, so you can’t really lose!

It doesn’t matter if your child is using an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian or Windows phone –  will allow you to see exactly what they’re doing through the Whatsapp app – something that they’re probably not aware of.

Many kids switched out to Whatsapp, mainly because it’s free (at least, the first year trial is free and only $1 per year thereafter!) and easy to use and didn’t impact on their spending whatsoever. It’s become the trendiest chatting and IM app out there and has become for free text messaging what Skype became for video. The company’s founders, former Yahoo employees, knew they had something special the day they hit the billion messages a day mark through the app: .

Tracking WhatsApp Messages and Group Chat

And so onto a common problem – kids and teens have also cottoned on to the fact that this kind of app was traditionally not crackable using the classical cell phone spying programs. But it is now! You will need an Android phone to be “rooted” and an iPhone to be “Jailbreaked” if you want this software to pick up advanced features such as spying on Gmail email and WhatsApp but this is easily done and well explained on their site.

Go checkout the best WhatsApp spy software through the links on this page today!

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The great thing about the recommended software (aside from all the other great text message and call monitoring applications mentioned elsewhere in other blog posts on this site), is that it also supports other forms of instant messenger over other platforms such as Blackberry’s BBM, Imessenger, Viber, IMessage, Skype and Facebook Messenger. It really is the most advanced and best value for money communications interception app around.

Is There a Way To See Who My Daughter Is Texting?


cell phone daughter

Image: CC-By-2.0 indi @

This is a common thing that I’m asked quite often – usually from worried fathers or mothers – they want to know if there is a way for them to see who their daughter is texting and, just as often, who might be texting their daughter and what are they saying. Are inappropriate conversations going on? Is inappropriate language being used and are inappropriate plans underway? It’s not always all about sexting or the other typical teen stuff that goes on, either, although that can be disconcerting and also worrying for parents depending on the daughter’s age and the seriousness of what is being said. Many parents fear for the company that their kids might be keeping. Are they getting into a gang scene? Are they starting to get into drugs? Some of the company that they might be keeping could be impinging on school, life and their daughter’s general well-being, in general. Signs are usually there well before parents resort to spying on their daughter’s cell phone, but the technology does exist if they feel that there really is something that they cannot get a handle on by going through the usual channels of talking, counselling and the use of confidential influencers.

Well, there is a way but it’s not as simple as it might seem. There are a few websites out there that seem to think that there is some magical way that you can do this by pressing a few buttons or entering their daughter’s mobile phone number into a website and all of a sudden they’ll be able to spy on their daughter’s phone and see everything that has been going on.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case. Be wary of any scammy websites that might lull you into this kind of false sense of security. They’ll probably also try to extract money out of you for good measure, also. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall for the websites that say they can do this kind of monitoring remotely. Unless they have some kind of secret back door into the NSA or GCHQ spying services in the USA or the UK then this simply isn’t possible with the current levels of technology available to the general public at the moment.

What IS POSSIBLE, however, is a form of software or App – and here’s the tricky part – that you can load to the TARGET cell phone – and then you can spy on everything that is going on in that phone from text messages to IMs, emailing, internet history, pictures and images sent and stored or received. This software can even allow you to listen in to the phone calls that your daughter is making live. And record them. And play them back to you as they happen by you just simply logging into an online control panel where you can monitor the phone from. Even if messages are deleted as instantly as they are sent or received to the phone, they will be recorded, as will all the other data that it’s possible to get out of a cell phone. The software even allows you to tap into the cell phone’s GPS so that you can see where they are at any particular time (as long as the phone is switched on – which it invariably is!). If that wasn’t enough you can even switch on the cell phone’s microphone remotely (once this app has been installed on it) and listen in to the surroundings that your daughter is is – you’ll be able to hear what is going on in her immediate vicinity.

What’s even more important in these latter stages of 2013 is that this software can also intercept messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, BBMs and all the other IM systems and chat systems that your daughter may be using. These were traditionally untouchable by the standard cell phone monitoring software apps of the past – but not anymore! Let’s face it; children and teens turned to these systems as a way of beating the possibility that their cell phones could be tapped because up until now these chatting apps were, indeed, untouchable.

If you need the latest state-of-the-art cell phone spying system so that you can keep tabs on your loved ones through their cell phone use (and let’s face it – that is where 95% of their daily communication takes place now) you should check out the link to the website below. You can get this done for around $40 and 10 minutes with their phone. For your daughter’s safety and well-being, parents are finding out that $40 is money well spent. It certainly beats the 100s of dollars per hour that you’d have to pay a P.I. to investigate, tail and record what she’s getting up to.

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And remember, once installed on her phone (which you must be paying for as a valid parent or guardian, of course) you can see all of this data from the comfort of your own PC, laptop or own mobile device, simply by logging on to the online control panel that you get a secure login to once you sign up. It’s all there at your fingertips. And did I mention – there’s no trace of this once it is on their phone – it’s totally concealed so that even the most tech-savvy teen will not be able to find a trace of it in the phone menus or system files. Again, you’ll need that 10 minutes with the target phone (and obviously you’ll need to know the password or PIN) to be able to download the app to the phone without them knowing about it. It’s a simple case of downloading just like any other app or game to a cell phone – just surf to the website that will be given to you on sign up, hit the download button, type in the license key (that will be sent to the email you used on sign up) – and then just cover your tracks in the cell phone internet history. Then it’s done. Untraceable – you’ll have a secret window into their world that they have no clue you know about.

Whenever you need to look into what they’ve been getting up to recently after this point – who they’ve called, how long for, who’s called them, what texts were sent or received – any images or photos exchanges, emails exchanged, chats and IMs, internet history…it’s all there plain as day for you to see. You can also log in whenever you want to see where they are via GPS satellite tech, or you can listen in to any calls as they happen – even listen in on their environment at will. This is the real deal in cell phone spying and it’s all made available by a secure and trusted company with excellent customer service, helpful staff and a varied and discrete payment system that can utilize many different methods of payment.

If you’re worried about the concept of getting access to their phone, I’m working on a post that addresses this but if you think you can get hold of their phone for 5 – 10 minutes and you can get online with it then you’re good to go. One of the techniques I’ve been telling worried parents about, if their daughter is ultra-secretive and possessive with their cell phone and PIN is to use the method of offering to buy them the latest all-singing, all dancing phone of their choice. Buy it for them as a present (having already installed the app on it, of course). There are not many teenage girls who will be willing to turn down such an offer and they’re simply not going to know or even likely to guess in their wildest dreams that you already have the phone effectively tapped. Not you – unsavvy parent!

Anyway – there’s much more information to be had at the site that I recommend through the links in blue in this post. I know when your daughter’s safety or well-being is at stake that desperate measures sometimes need to be taken. If all was well, we wouldn’t, as parents, be driven to such desperate and underhand tactics but sometimes it’s the only way. In my experience this technology has helped innumerable parents get their daughters back on the right track, so I feel that it’s my duty to at least let you know that it exists, it works and it might just be what you need.

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Child Safety Online and Comms

Arizona Attorney General – Keeping kids safe online and on the phone – PDF; a great resource for child safety online, through telephone, at home and in public.

All Parents Must Watch This Video About Cell Phones and Our Children’s Privacy!


Cell Phone Surveillance Software for Small Business

In an increasingly competitive world, business owners are finding that they need to ensure that their trade secrets and intellectual property are guarded, new customer contacts and sales leads are kept confidential and that inefficiency or any form of time-wasting by the workforce are kept to an absolute minimum.

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Depending on what kind of business you’re involved in, there may be a need for you to be able to track your worker’s cell phone usage for various reasons. On the one hand, you may be suspicious that your lead salesman is playing for the competition or your best in-house software expert is spilling the beans on your current project. On the other, you may be in the sort of industry where you need to be able to trust that people are where they say they are at all times. Whatever the need (essentially the welfare of your business), the ability to be able to spy (let’s just call it what it is!) on an employee’s cell phone can be a real asset to the way you run your business.

Of course, if you are to go down this route, you’ll need to remain above the law and squeaky clean with what you are doing. You can only use the software that I’ll explain in a second on cell phones that you or your business owns and even then, only once you have had the employee sign a disclaimer that they know that you may be monitoring.

There is a software app that allows you all sorts of functionality when it comes to keeping tabs on cell phone use. Once installed on the target phone, it will allow you to log into a secure online control panel from where you’ll be able to do the following:

          Read all text messages sent to and from the cell phone – even those that have been deleted

          See all images, photos and videos sent to and from the cell phone

          Review all website history and bookmarks, call history including call time, duration and number called or calling (Including names if that number is attached to a name in the phone’s directory), installed apps

          Read all IMs and emails sent and received via the device

          Check WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber and other messaging service and Social Network history

          Track the cell phone’s location whenever it is turned on by utilising GPS

          On upgraded software you even get the ability to listen in live to calls and use the phone as a remote audio receiver to listen in on the phone’s environment

And note – all of this can be done without the user even knowing it is happening. Simply put, they’ll never know what you are monitoring or when – acting as a deterrent before any foul play is even committed. They’ll certainly not know the extent of the data that can be received.

The thing is, rather than the hundreds of dollars per day that a Private Investigator might cost you if one of your employees is under suspicion for any reason, this software falls in at an unbelievably affordable price. I think the current cost of the app for small business use is something like $52. Is the security of your business worth that much to you? I would say so!

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My Employees Are Stealing Clients – What Can I Do?

Some businesses are open to employees stealing clients, especially new software start-ups such as web design firms. Where the business relies on multiple employees with a certain skill set that can be sold on the open market this problem exists, not only because it is easy and tempting but because it is lucrative. It also happens the other way around, of course. Competitors poaching your employees can be just as potentially devastating for your business and is becoming more and more commonplace as profit margins tumble and businesses look for any advantage or leverage that they can get in a market place.

There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent your employees stealing customers but, at the end of the day – it happens in all industries and it might not be something that you can totally prevent. The best you can do is help mitigate the situation by some or all of the following means.

1. Create total employee loyalty

If you can create the perfect working environment with the perfect pay scale and can afford to pay high wages then you are halfway towards creating an employee who will show loyalty and not go off after your clients hoping to pocket 100% of the cash for themselves. Some of the things that employees crave are great working conditions, flexible hours, great pay, a sense of a team community and friendly environment and company perks – including pensions, health schemes and other bonuses. Besides, not all staff want to go off and work in their bedrooms or from a home office. If you can create the idyllic working environment for them they are less likely to go off on their own – taking your customers with them.

2. Ensure that intellectual property and assets are protected

You may need to take legal steps to ensure that patents and other intellectual property is protected. This might mean that you need to compartmentalize information, get your employees to sign non-disclosure agreements, and ensure that communications and networks are totally secure from pilfering. Only trust your main company secrets, lead lists and anything giving you a competitive edge to those that you truly trust.

3. Monitor your workplace environment and communications

If you install monitoring equipment on work phones, introduce CCTV at point-of-sale and other security measures, employees are less likely to risk getting caught on the take or stealing your leads. They also know that you are carefully guarding the company assets and will be aware of the consequences of and difficulty in trying to steal customers or receive any personal gain from favours given, back-handers and skimming. Cell phone monitoring can be particularly important in this respect, not only from the fact that you can track and monitor call, texts, IMs and emails but you can also keep a handle on the location of your sales force etc. through using GPS tracking. For driving, courier, sales teams etc. this can be a large disincentive for employees to try go to your clients behind your back and try to do business on the quiet.

4. Deal with inappropriate behaviour quickly and harshly

Use the full extent of the law, including disciplinary hearings, suspensions, legal recourse and dismissal if any of your employees act inappropriately towards you as business owner, towards the business in general or towards any of your intellectual property or assets. Always be mindful to remain within employment law, but never let anything go as it will act as an invite to others who may be tempted down the same path.

5. Employ 3rd parties for security, surveillance or covert operations

This only comes into play if you have a real suspicion that an employee is acting against the interests of your business. There are 3rd party companies out there that can ensure that your security, both physical and I.T. / communications-wise are up to scratch. You can also use monitoring solutions as above that can be installed quickly and efficiently and at relatively little cost to cell phones, computers laptops and other company equipment. This is usually available online and the tech savvy can install such equipment themselves but don’t be afraid to call in a consultant if necessary. If the worst comes to the worst and you need to employ covert or surveillance operations against staff that you feel might be fleecing your business then so be it, but again, ensure that you consult a lawyer first and only act within the law.


Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – Wiki

SBA – Stop Employee Poaching