How To Spy on Phone Conversations

How do you spy on a cell phone conversation?

The easiest way to spy on cell phone conversations nowadays is to use one of the many cell phone spying software programs that are out there.

The trick is knowing which is the best value for money as there are definitely a few rip-off companies out there that will take your money but not provide a decent working solution.

spy on cell phone conversations

Spy On Phone Conversations

I’ve tried many of the Spy phone companies from Spybubble to Flexispy to Mspy and they all work in various ways but the company that has mostly moved with the times and has provided the most consistent experience has been MSpy.

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This is because they are constantly updating their software to work with new smart phones and apps. They were first on the scene with a snapchat spying solution and they were also at the forefront when it comes to spying on Tinder accounts.

I think they have invested in staying at the top pf the mobile surveillance game and it has paid off as they now have the best software solutions coupled with excellent customer service record. As they have become more popular, this has enabled them to bring their prices down.

Cell spying software has been around for 5 or 6 years now and it still effectively works in the same way that it always has.

In the past, it was limited to simply forwarding text messages and giving away contact details of the phone calls as well as call history but these days the cell spying apps have a lot more going for them. They also cover a lot more in terms of manufacturers that they are able to support. No matter if you have the latest iPhone 7 or 7 plus or the latest Samsung, Sony or Experia, the cell spying apps can now work with all of them and is not limited to the big 3.

If you have a brand new smart phone like one of these 2016 top tens you can still use this software successfully due to how up-to-date the program makers are getting:

Currently Works On These Smart Phones:

10: Sony Xperia XZ.
9: LG G5.
8: OnePlus 3.
7: HTC 10.
6: Motorola Moto Z.
5: iPhone 7.
4: Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
3: iPhone 7 Plus.
2: Samsung Galaxy S7
1: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Here’s what you can do with technology:

What This Software Can Spy On:

Intercept all incoming and outbound SMS text messages
Intercept all Social Media activity – Spy on Facebook, Twitter, Tinder
Spy on WhatsApp and other social chatting apps, without even jailbreaking the target phone
Check locations of the user using the phone’s GPS
Get a log of all incoming and outbound call, along with time on phone and when made
View all videos and photographs / pictures on the device
Spy on all email history through the device
Monitor all internet usage including history
Access Calendars and address book of the device
Read Instant Messages from many popular IM apps

Basically, if you want to spy on somebody’s secret life that they are hiding through use of their phone, you can now access all of this and see what secret conversations, meetings, what they are sending secretly in terms of photos and videos.

There is no better time than now to get hold of this powerful software at the cheapest price it’s ever been. You can also pay a small amount and essentially pay-as-you-go to access these features without breaking the bank or committing to a long term contract.

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monitoring cell phones

How To Monitor Cell Phone Conversations

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Video about spying on Cell Phone Conversations:

How To Secretly Spy On Cell Phone Conversations by TrafficDoctor

How Can I Spy On My Girlfriend’s Tinder Account? FAQ

Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Tinder?

We all know it’s a bit unsavoury – all this spying on other people’s cell phones and computers. But when the stakes are high and relationships are on the line, let’s face facts. It’s Happening. Hopefully it’s NOT the fappening! It’s going on. The technology is out there to do it. And it could save you a lot of wasted time in a relationship that is going to hold you back and go nowhere if you can spot a cheating girlfriend quickly and easily.

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Spy On Girlfriend’s Tinder

And if you heed the advice of the do-gooders, and can’t see what they’re up to, especially if they’ve been acting strangely or sketchy in your relationship, you’re never going to know the truth and you’re never really going to be able to evaluate whether they’re the real match for you – and this is all happening inside your head outside of Tinder. Matching on Tinder happens every few seconds. Is your girlfriend getting her Match right now?

How To Do It!

Cell Phone Spy apps are on the rise and they are getting more and more sophisticated. Not only can you now see what your girlfriend (or boyfriend! no sexism here!) is texting, what images they are sending or getting back, what emails they’re seeing through their phone’s internet connection – and what sites they’re visiting. Not only is this still the domain of being able to see where they are at all times of the day and night via GPS tracking (perfectly possible with the same piece of software, by the way!). But now you can also spy (or as some of the sites and companies out there like to call it – “monitor”, or “engage with”) exactly which chatting or messaging apps they’re using – who they’re talking to, what they are discussing and what secret sexy photos they might be exchanging. If you thought sexting was a problem, imagine what goes on within the confines of some of these dating apps or even the Snapchat type quick sexy snaps that supposedly get deleted within seconds. What are they talking about on Whatsapp? What was said on Viber? Was that Facebook Messenger oopsie really meant for me?

The thing is – it is now really easy to spy on Tinder. You do need access to their phone and that is sometimes the tricky part. None of this can be condoned, of course, in countries or States where it is illegal without prior consent or you are acting in the best interests of somebody as a legal guardian. A minor, for instance, can be monitored in their phone use by parents. Your employees phones can be monitored with their prior consent if it is your property they are using.

All you need to do is install the app to their cell phone. Data of almost all of the phone’s usage will be relayed to a server where you can pick up on what has been going on through the phone in the form of extremely detailed logs. Every text, SMS, email, photo, video, contact, private message, chat, forum post, internet visit, GPS location of that phone at any time will be recorded and available for you (and only you as you will hold the data key) to view. It’s very much like a real-time view of what is happening on the user’s phone and they won’t even know that you are snooping on the data as the app is deeply embedded and invisible.

These features have been available for a while now in phone monitoring technology but the new breakthroughs allow for an even more detailed examination of Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger as well as almost all of the other popular messaging apps – even those that claim to self-destruct within 60 seconds.
Spying on messaging apps has never been easier and is completely within your grasp as prices hit rock-bottom while competing technology companies vie for your business. The best deals I have found can be found through the links here on this page. For as low as the cost of your favorite burger joint’s meal deal you can have access to this powerful technology for a month. Need it for longer? Bulk deals will bring the cost even further down. And the main thing is – this REALLY works!

That’s probably a small price to pay for your future happiness and peace of mind. As long as you can keep it legal – this is the way to spy on your girlfriend’s Tinder account.

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How Can I Spy On A Tinder Account

Spying On Tinder

Tinder has become the go-to app for those looking for extra-marital affairs or simply wanting to flirt with somebody other than your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Here's how you spy on tinder

Spy On Tinder Account

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How to spy on Tinder

Many husbands use the dating matchmaking app in order to suss out potential cheating partners online before they go on to do the dirty deed in real life. It’s not just the men either, wives are also using this app to find a secret affair that they can have whether it remains at the flirting and sexting online level or turns into a fully blown affair in the real world.

Is My Husband Using Tinder?

Traditionally, mobile or smart phone monitoring software has concentrated on the text messaging, sms or phone calls aspect of discovering if somebody was cheating by seeing what they have been up to on the phones.

Nowadays, these monitoring devices are getting more and more geared up to the point where somebody can check all chatting apps such as whatsapp,, viber,, skype or even snapchat if they are being used online through a cell phone. The best software detection systems now allow you full access to all aspects of a person’s online life through chatt apps, internet history, images searched, forum use and emails sent

Is My Wife Using Tinder?

Now, a new arrival on the cell phone monitoring software scene allows you to do all of this AND spy on all aspects of a Tinder account that might be secretly used. This is probably THE Holy Grail of spying software now that it has incorporated this feature. If you have suspected that your husband wife, girlfriend or boyfriend has been using Tinder and you’ve really wanted to know exactly what they’ve been doing on there – now is your chance.

Tinder Spying App

What this spying software will now do, as well as all the traditional features of spying on emails, sms, text messages, internet history, and GPS tracking to all the chatting apps as mentioned above is it will also (for the first time ever) allow you to see in detail EXACTLY what they are doing within their Tinder accounts.

This means that you can now:

  • See your significant other’s Tinder profile and search habits
  • See any “Matches” or Super Likes
  • View all instant messages sent on Tinder between your target user and their contacts/matches on Tinder
  • Get the exact time any activity was performed on Tinder (i.e. a timestamp)

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Tinder Spy Video

Sources: https://www.gotinder.com/

Does Having a Tinder Profile Count As Cheating?

How to Bug A Cell Phone – Cell Phone Bugging Guide

I’m getting plenty of emails recently asking about how to bug a cell phone and so decided to write this quick cell phone bugging guide to help people out. Whether the reason is looking out for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, son or daughter the method is the same.

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Generally I talk about tracking a cell phone on this site but other synonyms used that basically mean the same thing are “Tapping a cell phone”, “spying on a cell phone” or “cell phone monitoring”. So, without further ado, here’s a quick guide to how you can quickly and easily bug a mobile phone.

How To Bug A Mobile Phone – The Easy Way

In a way, we are not talking about the kind of scene that you see in spy movies, where the secret agent plants a physical bug device on a land-line phone to intercept the calls or hides a bugging device under the desk of a counterpart secret agent to listen in to the room environment.

cell phone bug

How to Bug a Mobile Phone

Here’s an example of this kind of classic RF transmitter as depicted in spy movies since the 50s:


There’s no actual physical device used here, as such – just the phone itself. The real secret is in the software that is used to do the bugging job. So, in all fairness, those old movie scenes are pretty much out-of-date as we now have silent and invisible technology that can pretty much do the same thing but it is the form of a modern smartphone app.

Essentially, what you need to do is get a particular piece of software installed on the target cell phone, which then relays information away to a third party area that then stores all data from the phone in a way in which you can easily retrieve it. It’s quite a simple concept, but I come across folks every day who have no idea that this software exists or is so powerful. One caveat being that this might very well be illegal where you live. Some countries’ laws are more lax and you may get away with it, so this kind of use is very much a situation where the onus is on the user. I’d always advise making sure that you err on the side of local laws that pertain to where you live.

Most of the time, cell phone bugging software is marketed as being aimed at employees (who have signed a form saying that they accept that their calls, texts, phone internet data etc. might be monitored.) Or it is aimed at parents who are concerned for their child’s or teen’s online (or on-phone well-being). These are the legitimate uses of such technology as the law would accept that there are no laws of privacy being violated in most jurisdictions.


With the advent of smart phones and their use in everyday life, this kind of software can be exploited as never before. Almost all aspects of our lives are in someway attached to our phone use – whether it is keeping records of contacts, the fact that GPS can now track our locations at all times or just in the way we interact with our peers or friends through chatting apps or social media – we can now do all of this through our phones and most of us do.

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Incredibly Powerful Bugging Apps

Imagine, then a technology that let’s you tap into that stream of knowledge about somebody. You’ll pretty much have a handle of exactly who they’ve been talking to, what they’ve been saying (or writing through chatrooms or SMS) and where they’ve been. Hence, the power of modern cell phone bugging has never been a greater tool or asset to command.

If you want to know more about how to bug a cell phone, how it works and the steps required to implement it, there are a number of guides in the articles on this site about various methods, different vendors of the software, as well as discount codes to cheap spy software and tips and tricks about how to get the best out of these apps.

Classic Bugging Video – Bugging the Scotch! Charlie Wilson Listening In On Private Affairs


Cell Phone Listening Devices You’ll Love

When it comes to cell phone listening devices, of course, the majority of high tech disruptive technology is only readily available to the likes of the NSA and other covert government agencies. However, there are devices – actually more like apps or software, that are available to the general public that will allow the user to listen in to phone calls and generally spy on a cell phone’s data.

Cell Phone Spying Devices

Cell Phone Listening Devices

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So, as well as being able to listen in while somebody is making a live call, they can also be used to spy on the ambient noise in a room that the cell phone is in, by remotely controlling the speaker, thereby allowing eavesdropping on conversations. All this can be done without the permission of the phone owner, although this, of course, would be treading on legal boundaries in most States if for example you were trying to spy on a husband or wife, unless the third party was one of your own children under the age of 18 or, for example, an employee from whom you have sought written permission for the monitoring.

Cell Phone Listening Device Compatibility

So, cell phone listening devices, in this context, boil down to software apps that you can install on any particular mobile phone or modern smart phone as long as that phone can be connected to the internet. Most of the software manufacturers have managed to make the software available for all types of mobile phone device so that all platforms, i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows-based phones are compatible and they also seek to keep up with the latest advances in mobile device technology, so that you can also target pads, laptops, PCs and phones. Most common brands are also incorporated so that the listening software will work on anything from a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium or Z3 range to the latest iPhone range.

Indeed, during our latest testing and research, we have found the following brands compatible with this phone listening technology:

HTC One M9, Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, iPhone 6S Plus, LG G4, Nexus 5X, Microsoft Lumia 950, Blackberry Priv, OnePlus 2, HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as Nokia, ZTE, Xiaomi, TCL-Alcatel, LG Electronics, Huawei, Lenovo (Motorola) and most Apple products.

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There used to be a problem with having to jailbreak or hack the iPhone and Android products but these problems have now been largely circumvented by the better listening software providers.

Not Just A Listening Device!

What makes these apps so appealing, apart from the comparatively small charge for being able to listen in to any mobile phone is that they come with all sorts of other add-on features such as the ability to detect all phone data such as contact books and even detect the whereabouts of the user by using the phone’s GPS tracker. They have the ability to intercept text and SMS messages and see the emails that are being sent to and from the cell phone. Nowadays with the plethora of chatting apps being used, especially by our teenage sons and daughters, they can also intercept and log all snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Telegram and Line chatting applications. In the case of Snapchat where messages are usually deleted within a very short time, this is a fantastic way of seeing what the user may or may not be trying to hide.

With the added ability to see all internet use such as history, sites visited and internet logs, these listening devices have become the number one detective tool for finding out if your loved one or employee or whoever is telling the truth about their activities.

Simple and Easy To Use Cell Phone Listening Devices

The apps that can do all this detective work for you are very simple to use. Essentially to download the app from online onto the phone and you are given a token or key to a secure online site from where you can monitor all of the above phone activities in your own time and in stunning detail. And all of this for less than the price of a meal out per month. There’s nothing to lose here if you need to find out what the user has been up to on their phone and the timing has never been better as these apps are now extremely cheap and incredibly functional, all while being almost totally hidden and anonymous.

Recommended Cell Phone Listening Devices

There are a number of these apps on the market purporting to be the be all and end-all of cell phone listening devices but only a small number are worthy of their claims and actually support the purchaser through excellent customer support and service. And almost all of them will lead you up the garden path with unfounded promises or unrealistic claims. Beware the unscrupulous online dealers who will try to sell you sub-standard apps that will do next to nothing when it comes to clever snooping and just leave you with a dent in your wallet and no recourse as they are just Mickey Mouse companies that come and go on the web.

So for a recommendation, the service provider that I most trust, has been in the business the longest, has the best features and the smartest price range has to be MSpy. They beat the competition hands down and honour, without question, their guarantees and full refund policies if you have any problem whatsoever with their products.

The Best Exclusive Online Deals and Discounts

To get the best deal on the MSpy range of listening apps and computer spying software visit the links in blue on this page and you won’t go wrong. Large discounts and cheap single-month fees available

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Best Software to Spy on Husband’s Cellphone

Spying on My Husband’s Cell phone

There’s quite a few different software products out there nowadays that you might have heard of that can spy on a cell phone. Most of them are marketed towards keeping your kids safe from online predators – especially with the prevalence of chatting apps that are now available. Others target the workplace, where employers might want to keep tabs on their employees to make sure that they’re not giving away company secrets or wasting time elsewhere when they are supposed to be out on call or making deliveries. Tapping your husband’s cell phone is no different.

How to spy on husband's cell phone

Spy On My Husband’s Cellphone

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Domestic Use of Spying Apps

One of the biggest uses of this kind of software, it might not surprise you to know, is for spying on spouses, especially those that there might be suspicion of them cheating. I’m not here to cast moral judgement on such behaviour, simply to show what is out there, what the best apps are and where you can get them. Indeed, if it turns out that the husband has been cheating, are we not morally obliged to the woman and her family to help them alleviate such concerns? If it was a friend of yours – what would you do?

The Best Software to Help Spy on a Husband’s Phone?

I’ve been in this game for a while and I can tell you that there are only a couple of worthy spy software’s out there. I do take a small commission if I recommend a particular product, so I have seen first hand, how well the products do, what the refunds and returns are like and, in general, how successful this kind of software is depending on the circumstances of the user.

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Cheap Cell Phone Spy Software

The great thing, now that we are into the 4th or 5th generation of these spying apps is that they are very much more reliable than they used to be. The grandiose claims are no longer there. If it says that you can spy on an iPhone without having to jailbreak it, then in most cases this is true, unlike in days of old where the vendors would make ridiculous claims but not live up to the promise.

And the best thing about this is that the costs of using such software have now come down tremendously. You can pretty much pick up a month’s trial or simply pay monthly for this spyware for as little as 20 or 30 dollars. In many cases, this is more than enough time for the user to be able to tell if their suspicions were well-founded or not.

What Does The Spyware Do?

Depending on the package you buy and the amount you want to spend you can go for the basic minimum in which you’ll be able to see all text messages to and from the device, read through their internet histories and see who is in their address books. If you need to spy on your husband because you suspect that he is seeing a particular woman or you want to see some names based on your suspicions then this might often be enough.

There are more advanced apps out there now that have a lot more functionality but still won’t break the bank.
You can go as far as to spy on their chatting apps or even listen in to live phonecalls, such is the power of the better spyware services out there now.

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How does this Software Work?

Essentially you will need to download the software to the target cell phone. This can be done through any internet connection on the phone. So, if you are able to get access to the phone for 10 minutes (max) then you can get the software loaded up. Once this is done, all the information from the phone is sent to a secure server where you alone will have access to all information passing through the phone. It is a simple process of logging on to this server online from any device you desire to use to be able to access this data.

Simple to Use Cell Phone Spyware

Another good thing that has improved over the last year or so is that this software is much more robust than it used to be and the instructions provided are easy to follow. It doesn’t matter if you are a bit of a technophobe, as using the software is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. All instructions are provided on application and the vendors have great support in place to help you out, if required.

The software is also very subtle. Unless the user was particularly looking for this kind of app on their phone, they simply wouldn’t spot it. It embeds itself deeply into the system and uses very unobtrusive file names like “radio” that could be found on any phone. Even if they had an inkling that there was something amiss, they would get no further in discovering how the software was put there, by whom, and what it was actually doing.

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Which Phones is This Compatible With?

This software is available to spy on your husband’s cell phone no matter what brand or service he is using. As long as the phone has internet ability, then this software will work. It is simple on all brands of Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry, with no jailbreak required. You just need to be able to get access to it for 5 to 10 minutes to download the app.

The Best Cell Spying Software to Spy on My Husband?

So, the question is, with the plethora of software packages out there that provide this service, which one is the best? In terms of value for money and working software that will show you what you want to know, there is only one that I would recommend.
You can read about it further here. Good Luck.

Sources: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/my-husband-spies-smartphone-app-5011718


Want to Spy on GFs Phone?

How To Spy On My GFs Phone

“I want to spy on my gf’s phone”. This is something I’m asked all the time. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll try to let the person know that this probably isn’t a very good idea. For one, it’s a serious trust issue that is being broken so if your relationship is on rocky ground anyway, how is this going to be a good idea? It’s probably just going to exacerbate the situation and probably get on the person’s nerves more. If this happens, then they are probably more likely than ever to cheat so you’re just going to be getting yourself into a vicious circle.

how to spy on girlfriends cellphone

Spying on GF’s Phone

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Spying on Nexus 6 or Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 – It doesn’t matter!

If I wanted to spy on my girlfriend’s phone – let’s say it’s one of those new Android smartphones like the Nexus 6 – I’d hop over to the company that supplies the spyware and simply install it. (You can check out the links on this post for the best value spyware that money can buy!). My point is that it is possible to do it very easily but have you really thought this through and is this really the best course of action?
All I’m saying is that there is more than one way to swing a cat. If you’re really suspicious that your girlfriend might be cheating on you then, yes, you’ll probably find out about exactly what she’s doing via snooping on her cellphone. These days they even come with software that intercepts all the top chatting apps and dating apps like Moco and Waplog. Text / SMS messages are easily monitored and stored for your reference, heck you can even listen in to live phonecalls. But is this what you really want to be doing? Surely if you’re already atthis point of distrust there’s probably no point in inflicting further misery on yourself by spying on every little thing she does through her phone.
The same applies to spying on your GF’s computer, laptop or Pad. Again, the software I link to on this page will also do this for very little cost, but think before you make such an in depth decision.

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Spy on GF’s Chatting or Dating Apps? Easy!

So you want to install this spy software on her new Sony Xperia Z3 or the latest love of her life her LG G4. Perhaps that’s the problem. She’s spending more time on her beloved iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 than she’s showing attention to you. Sometimes the green eyed monster of jealousy works in mysterious ways and what you think is happening isn’t real at all. Not all girlfriends are flirting on chat or dating apps when they are not with you. Although, to be honest – whether they are or are not doing some of the cheating type things that you imagine they are, you would definitely find out one way or the other with this spying software.

If you recognize any of these best dating apps on their phone, perhaps your suspicions are more well-founded?

How Can I Spy on My Teenage Daughter’s Snapchat

Spy On Snapchat

Snapchat ( https://www.snapchat.com/ ) has been one of the most popular ways of communicating text and stories along with pictures (often nude selfies) between people recently and has had a lot of press coverage:

( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29569226 ) concerning leaked pictures and hacks.

How to spy on snapchat

Spying on Snapchat Messages

Many teens use snapchat as a quick way of communicating with each other and, despite having an age restriction of 13, many younger kids and teens manage to find their way onto the chat on their cell phones.

How To Spy On Daughter’s Snapchat

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If you’re worried about your son’s or daughter’s use of Snapchat and what they are getting up to on there – or on any chatting app that they might be accessing via their mobile such as Viber, WhatsApp or Line and you want to be able to monitor their usage of them on their cell phones then there is a relatively quick and really cheap solution for you.
If you check out the link below, you’ll find the product that I recommend the most for getting this job done, quickly, efficiently and subtly.

It’s a smart phone monitoring software that allows you remote access to all of the cell phone logs including all chat apps history, internet history and text message history. Not only history but this will allow you to view what is happening instantaneously as the messages are being went or received.
The Pro version of the software even lets you listen in to calls – that’s how powerful this cheap monitoring system is if you want to take it that far.

Spy on Snapchat Remotely

There’s not really any other way of keeping up with what your daughter or son might be getting up to on Snapchat other than chaperoning them all day long. This software that you install on their phone will allow you to see via a secure website (viewable only by you) what they are up to without them even knowing about it.

It’s head and shoulders above the competition in terms of ease of use and functionality and it is well-supported by a real company. Beware the imitations popping up all over the place online that will rip you off with cheap hacks that don’t actually work and are fronted by scam and bogus companies.

The Best Spyware For Snapchat App

If you really need to get monitoring Snapchat texts and images and you need to get it done fast because you are worried about something that might be going on then you should follow the link below and get it done today for peace of mind.

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More about Snapchat Text and Video Chat:

Sources: BBC News, Snapchat


What’s The Best Cell Spy Software

I’d like to monitor my husband’s text messages without using his phone, i.e. I don’t want to have to download software to his cell phone – is this possible?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with current cell spying software. Unless you have some kind of CIA or MI6 access a la James Bond and can tap into the airwaves or landlines directly, this is not something that is available to the public. The only possible way to do this currently is by downloading a piece of software to the target cell phone. Of course, this takes a few minutes and comes with risk in itself because you need physical access to the phone and time to be able to do the download. If you can get 10 minutes with the phone and you know the password or PIN and can get online with it, then you are ready to go. The software will cost you a few dollars. I think at last look it was about $30 or $40 (£20 to £30 sterling) for the basic 1 month license.

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Cheap and reliable cell spying program

Most reliable cell snooper?

This is not a worry in terms of privacy because the payment statement will be very discrete. Also, unless the person is really looking deep and hard at the possibility of spyware on his phone, then the chances of them discovering its use are negligible. (The software buries itself so deep and hides itself away anonymously in the phone programs – it’s not readily viewable on the menus).

Is There a Way to Tap a Spouse’s Phone

See the answer given above. Obviously, this software is useful for tracking any phone – it doesn’t matter the sex of the owner. The spyware has multiple functions enabling you to see text messaging, IM chats, all the main chat apps like WhatsApp and BBM. It will also allow you to spy on phone calls live (i.e. you can listen in or use the phone as a remote microphone on the place where they’re at). Other basic functions include GPS tracking of the phone (so that you know where the phone holder is at any time) and access to address book / contact names and numbers, internet web history (you’ll know which websites they frequent) and all photos, gifs and images sent to and from the phone. Pretty much every aspect of what that person is doing on their phone is available for you to see when you use this software.

How Can You Read Your Spouse Text Messages or IMs and Chats Online

The way this works is that once you have downloaded the software app to the target phone, you get a private online login where all this data is sent to for you to look at whenever you want. Of course, only YOU can see this. It’s a nice little online console that you can log into online from anywhere in the world (so yes – it still works when they’re away on business trips etc.) and you’ll see all of the activity on that phone (depending on which package you sign up for, of course). I’d suggest a 1 month Premium package as a tester. It often turns out that this is enough to find out what you want to know – especially when it comes to cheating spouses or infidelity (whether it’s physical or just at the flirting stage). On this note, I’d like to point out that I’ve had several bits of feedback from partners (in marriage or otherwise) that have been pleased to note that this tech caught their partner while at the flirting stage and they were able to knock a potential relationship on the head by swift action.

Is There A Way of Getting Partner’s Phone Activity Sent To Your Phone

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Yes – again, see above. The way this works is that the information is stored online for you (securely) so that you can retrieve it when you want and how you want. As long as you have internet on your phone – you can get access to their secret information. And this goes for any method (i.e. you could also access the info via any laptop, PC or tablet, also).

How To Spy On My Wife Phone Using Her Phone Number

Unfortunately, this is an example of a question that I hear all too often and it comes back to the idea of being able to track cell phone details and data without first physically accessing their phone and downloading the app. Simply put, it’s not possible to just track somebody’s info by just knowing their phone number. This spying tech is borderline in terms of how far-out it is already without that also being a possibility. I mean, this is getting into the realms of serious espionage and tracking. Imagine if it were possible to spy on somebody’s phone just by using their phone number and nothing else. This kind of “remote spy” cell spying is beyond the scope of us mere mortals, I’m afraid. I have no idea what they get up to in the higher echelons of the intelligence community but it certainly isn’t available to the buying public. In any case, the methods outlined here are certainly valid and real. In certain situations and circumstances it might require some out-of-the-box thinking in order to get access to the target phone (I’ll be posting more hints about ways of circumventing this potential deal-breaker tomorrow – so favorite us and tune in again), but that is the only thing stopping the use of this tech – and there’s almost always a sneaky way around that (hint – look for tomorrow’s blog post).

In the meantime, if you’re good to go and have a few dollars stashed away (hardly the price of a takeaway meal) and are willing to spend that on peace of mind and a more sane outlook on life without all the hours of worry – maybe it’s time to take the plunge and find out the truth once and for all.

Cell Phone Spyware in South Africa

There are plenty of folks in South Africa who might want to use cell phone spying software. These days the preferred term is “monitoring software”. There’s a bit of a nasty odor around the use of the term “spying” but, let’s face it – that’s pretty much what it is.

South africa spy phone

Spy Cell Phones SA

If you want to get up-to-date information on what somebody is doing on their phone, be it an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other kind of cell phone (has to be one with internet, i.e. a Smart phone) then there are apps out there that can help you to do this.

They are generally marketed as software to help you monitor your children’s cell phone use or perhaps even your employee’s cell phone use because these are legal ways to use it in the USA where it is marketed the most. In fact, most uses of this kind of software are all about keeping an eye on what your spouse (or future potential spouse, e.g. girlfriend or boyfriend) are up to via their cell phones.

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It’s not unsurprising that if a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife is cheating, then most of their surreptitious conversations are going to take place via a cell phone – either by text/SMS or by one of the many chatting apps now out there like WhatsApp (recently bought by Facebook and massively popular) or one of the other Android-based messaging and chatting apps like ChatOn, Kik, Skype or Snapchat. The phones mostly being used in South Africa today are pretty much like what’s being sold in the US or Europe and so the chatting apps and firmware are all similar. If you’re using any of the following, then this software will work for you: Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Nokia and HTC.

What I’m saying is that if you have a need to know what somebody is saying or texting then you can pick up a software that will intercept all of that. Indeed, it will go a few steps further (depending on how much you want to spend) – for example, you can listen in to live phone calls, spy on the phone via GPS and Google Maps, get alerted when the phone is being used so that you can see who is calling what number and when and to whom.

Basically, you can monitor all of the phone’s incoming and outgoing traffic, right down to seeing what they are looking at on the internet, i.e. websites, photos and email conversations. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband are cheating on you and using their mobile phone to carry on sneaky phonecall or text conversations, even if they are using internet based chatting apps, then you’re gonna see exactly what they are up to by using this software.

The easiest way to do this is to visit the links in this article. You can look around to make sure the target phone is compatible. (They pretty much all are if they are internet-ready smart phones). You can also have a look at the different deals that the company offers. You can just pick up a basic pay-per-month package for around 450 Rand – this will probably be enough for what you need but it doesn’t have to end there with some of their premium features.

Obviously, you will need to install this software on the target phone for it to work and quite often this is the trickiest proposition, but have a look around this site for some ways that make this as easy as child’s play. If you can get 5 minutes alone with the target cell phone and you have an internet connection you can get this done in no time.

If you need to know if somebody has been cheating or you need to know about what’s going on on anybody’s cell phone then this app will give you the lowdown. It’s complete access (via a secure internet control panel) to exactly what’s happening on the phone.

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