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Is There a Way To See Who My Daughter Is Texting?


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This is a common thing that I’m asked quite often – usually from worried fathers or mothers – they want to know if there is a way for them to see who their daughter is texting and, just as often, who might be texting their daughter and what are they saying. Are inappropriate conversations going on? Is inappropriate language being used and are inappropriate plans underway? It’s not always all about sexting or the other typical teen stuff that goes on, either, although that can be disconcerting and also worrying for parents depending on the daughter’s age and the seriousness of what is being said. Many parents fear for the company that their kids might be keeping. Are they getting into a gang scene? Are they starting to get into drugs? Some of the company that they might be keeping could be impinging on school, life and their daughter’s general well-being, in general. Signs are usually there well before parents resort to spying on their daughter’s cell phone, but the technology does exist if they feel that there really is something that they cannot get a handle on by going through the usual channels of talking, counselling and the use of confidential influencers.

Well, there is a way but it’s not as simple as it might seem. There are a few websites out there that seem to think that there is some magical way that you can do this by pressing a few buttons or entering their daughter’s mobile phone number into a website and all of a sudden they’ll be able to spy on their daughter’s phone and see everything that has been going on.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case. Be wary of any scammy websites that might lull you into this kind of false sense of security. They’ll probably also try to extract money out of you for good measure, also. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall for the websites that say they can do this kind of monitoring remotely. Unless they have some kind of secret back door into the NSA or GCHQ spying services in the USA or the UK then this simply isn’t possible with the current levels of technology available to the general public at the moment.

What IS POSSIBLE, however, is a form of software or App – and here’s the tricky part – that you can load to the TARGET cell phone – and then you can spy on everything that is going on in that phone from text messages to IMs, emailing, internet history, pictures and images sent and stored or received. This software can even allow you to listen in to the phone calls that your daughter is making live. And record them. And play them back to you as they happen by you just simply logging into an online control panel where you can monitor the phone from. Even if messages are deleted as instantly as they are sent or received to the phone, they will be recorded, as will all the other data that it’s possible to get out of a cell phone. The software even allows you to tap into the cell phone’s GPS so that you can see where they are at any particular time (as long as the phone is switched on – which it invariably is!). If that wasn’t enough you can even switch on the cell phone’s microphone remotely (once this app has been installed on it) and listen in to the surroundings that your daughter is is – you’ll be able to hear what is going on in her immediate vicinity.

What’s even more important in these latter stages of 2013 is that this software can also intercept messaging apps such as Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, BBMs and all the other IM systems and chat systems that your daughter may be using. These were traditionally untouchable by the standard cell phone monitoring software apps of the past – but not anymore! Let’s face it; children and teens turned to these systems as a way of beating the possibility that their cell phones could be tapped because up until now these chatting apps were, indeed, untouchable.

If you need the latest state-of-the-art cell phone spying system so that you can keep tabs on your loved ones through their cell phone use (and let’s face it – that is where 95% of their daily communication takes place now) you should check out the link to the website below. You can get this done for around $40 and 10 minutes with their phone. For your daughter’s safety and well-being, parents are finding out that $40 is money well spent. It certainly beats the 100s of dollars per hour that you’d have to pay a P.I. to investigate, tail and record what she’s getting up to.

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And remember, once installed on her phone (which you must be paying for as a valid parent or guardian, of course) you can see all of this data from the comfort of your own PC, laptop or own mobile device, simply by logging on to the online control panel that you get a secure login to once you sign up. It’s all there at your fingertips. And did I mention – there’s no trace of this once it is on their phone – it’s totally concealed so that even the most tech-savvy teen will not be able to find a trace of it in the phone menus or system files. Again, you’ll need that 10 minutes with the target phone (and obviously you’ll need to know the password or PIN) to be able to download the app to the phone without them knowing about it. It’s a simple case of downloading just like any other app or game to a cell phone – just surf to the website that will be given to you on sign up, hit the download button, type in the license key (that will be sent to the email you used on sign up) – and then just cover your tracks in the cell phone internet history. Then it’s done. Untraceable – you’ll have a secret window into their world that they have no clue you know about.

Whenever you need to look into what they’ve been getting up to recently after this point – who they’ve called, how long for, who’s called them, what texts were sent or received – any images or photos exchanges, emails exchanged, chats and IMs, internet history…it’s all there plain as day for you to see. You can also log in whenever you want to see where they are via GPS satellite tech, or you can listen in to any calls as they happen – even listen in on their environment at will. This is the real deal in cell phone spying and it’s all made available by a secure and trusted company with excellent customer service, helpful staff and a varied and discrete payment system that can utilize many different methods of payment.

If you’re worried about the concept of getting access to their phone, I’m working on a post that addresses this but if you think you can get hold of their phone for 5 – 10 minutes and you can get online with it then you’re good to go. One of the techniques I’ve been telling worried parents about, if their daughter is ultra-secretive and possessive with their cell phone and PIN is to use the method of offering to buy them the latest all-singing, all dancing phone of their choice. Buy it for them as a present (having already installed the app on it, of course). There are not many teenage girls who will be willing to turn down such an offer and they’re simply not going to know or even likely to guess in their wildest dreams that you already have the phone effectively tapped. Not you – unsavvy parent!

Anyway – there’s much more information to be had at the site that I recommend through the links in blue in this post. I know when your daughter’s safety or well-being is at stake that desperate measures sometimes need to be taken. If all was well, we wouldn’t, as parents, be driven to such desperate and underhand tactics but sometimes it’s the only way. In my experience this technology has helped innumerable parents get their daughters back on the right track, so I feel that it’s my duty to at least let you know that it exists, it works and it might just be what you need.

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