small business cell phone monitoring

Cell Phone Surveillance Software for Small Business

In an increasingly competitive world, business owners are finding that they need to ensure that their trade secrets and intellectual property are guarded, new customer contacts and sales leads are kept confidential and that inefficiency or any form of time-wasting by the workforce are kept to an absolute minimum.

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Depending on what kind of business you’re involved in, there may be a need for you to be able to track your worker’s cell phone usage for various reasons. On the one hand, you may be suspicious that your lead salesman is playing for the competition or your best in-house software expert is spilling the beans on your current project. On the other, you may be in the sort of industry where you need to be able to trust that people are where they say they are at all times. Whatever the need (essentially the welfare of your business), the ability to be able to spy (let’s just call it what it is!) on an employee’s cell phone can be a real asset to the way you run your business.

Of course, if you are to go down this route, you’ll need to remain above the law and squeaky clean with what you are doing. You can only use the software that I’ll explain in a second on cell phones that you or your business owns and even then, only once you have had the employee sign a disclaimer that they know that you may be monitoring.

There is a software app that allows you all sorts of functionality when it comes to keeping tabs on cell phone use. Once installed on the target phone, it will allow you to log into a secure online control panel from where you’ll be able to do the following:

          Read all text messages sent to and from the cell phone – even those that have been deleted

          See all images, photos and videos sent to and from the cell phone

          Review all website history and bookmarks, call history including call time, duration and number called or calling (Including names if that number is attached to a name in the phone’s directory), installed apps

          Read all IMs and emails sent and received via the device

          Check WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber and other messaging service and Social Network history

          Track the cell phone’s location whenever it is turned on by utilising GPS

          On upgraded software you even get the ability to listen in live to calls and use the phone as a remote audio receiver to listen in on the phone’s environment

And note – all of this can be done without the user even knowing it is happening. Simply put, they’ll never know what you are monitoring or when – acting as a deterrent before any foul play is even committed. They’ll certainly not know the extent of the data that can be received.

The thing is, rather than the hundreds of dollars per day that a Private Investigator might cost you if one of your employees is under suspicion for any reason, this software falls in at an unbelievably affordable price. I think the current cost of the app for small business use is something like $52. Is the security of your business worth that much to you? I would say so!

Grab The Best Business Cell Phone Monitoring Software Here!