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3 Ways to Spy On My Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

Here’s a few ideas if you’ve been surfing around and looking for ways to spy on your boyfriend’s cell phone.

Spy On Boyfriend’s Phone The Old Fashioned Way

First of all you can just be subtle about it and keep a close ear to the ground when he takes or makes calls. If you want to be ultra-sneaky, you’ll probably need to take a sneak peek at his text messages and any other history that you can get out of his phone whenever he puts it down.

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Spying On His Calls

This might give you some peace of mind or it might just confirm what you’ve already suspected. If he’s cheating on you you’ll likely find evidence in his call or text history. Most secretive communications with lovers are made via mobile phones so there’s likely to be at least some evidence left behind at some stage.

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You should try getting hold of his phone when he’s least expecting you to try. If he thinks you’re out or asleep, he’s not going to be so likely to use a PIN or lock it with a password. In any case, he’s likely to forget to do this sometimes any way. He might, of course, also be so totally trusting of you that he would never suspect that you were trying to spy on his texts, internet history or WhatsApp or other chatting and IM programs.

Keyloggers and Spying Apps

Of course, with the ultra-secretive BF who’s trying to keep an affair as secret as he can or if you want to monitor a husband’s calls – he’s likely to use a pass or PIN on his phone most of the time. It’s also possible that he’ll have a separate phone that he uses only for this purpose, so make sure you check any hiding places that he may have for keeping something like this hidden from you. Check the usual places that he goes that he doesn’t think that you will go to; the garage, the yard outhouse, the tool-shed, an office or games room. Check for places like taped under the bed, hidden compartments under pull out drawers or things that he can keep close with him and on the move all the time like sports bags or work bags or briefcases.

This is the obvious thing to do if you need to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you and you know that there will be evidence on his cell phone. You can also do similar things online and with his computer if you manage to get hold of his email passwords. If you get those, you’ll likely also get his chat, Skype and other passwords and you’ll be able to see the history and hopefully put two and two together if he’s playing the field behind your back.

Get a Friend To Help

Another thing you can do get everybody you trust to keep their eyes and ears open especially when he is on his phone. He might be less suspecting if he’s with one of your friends that they’d ever dream of checking his phone for hidden data such as phone numbers, address book contacts or internet surfing history or call logs and history. If you can get somebody onside trustworthy enough then you’ll make life easier on yourself.

I suppose the last resort is to install what’s known as cell phone spyware on your boyfriends phone. This is an app or program that you can install to any internet able cell phone. Of course, you’ll need access to do this but it is the only real way of gathering all the data you need when he is totally ignorant of you spying on him.

The Last Resort? Buy Cell Spy Software

Basically the software sits invisibly on his phone and transmits all data (including a recording of actual and live phonecalls if you require) to a secure platform on the web where you can (and only you) can retrieve all the data transmitted. This includes all texts sent and received in full, all phone call history (numbers dialled and incoming, time and date, whether the number is connected to a known contact name in his phone), all surfing history, all emails sent via the phone as well as all kinds of other incredible features such as WhatsApp and Skype interception. Basically if he can do it via his phone you will know about it.

You might expect to pay a pretty penny for such a stealthy technology, but actually, if you look at the deals they are giving out, you can pay for the software as you go and at different levels of access and functionality.

Check the website here for all details of this incredibly useful technology which may, ultimately, be the only way forward in your search for the truth. Good luck!

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