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How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages?

Spying On WhatsApp Messages

Spying on Whatsapp messages

How To Monitor Whatsapp Messages

If you’ve bought into one of these cell phone spying programs in recent years, you’ll know that they pack a punch when it comes to monitoring our kid’s online safety and well-being. One of the problems currently is that many kids have cottoned onto a free app called Whatsapp that allows them to essentially use unlimited text messages for free. This works because the Whatsapp app doesn’t use the traditional SMS or text based services but is simply an online messaging tool.

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In order to be able to spy on WhatsApp messages and intercept instant messages you’ll need to physically install a cell phone monitor that can pick up this cross-platform app and there are not many of them about!

Best Program For WhatsApp Monitoring?

I’ve found that this (see links) software can pick up Whatsapp messages pretty easily and it’s possibly the cheapest cell phone monitoring software out there anyway, so you can’t really lose!

It doesn’t matter if your child is using an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian or Windows phone –  will allow you to see exactly what they’re doing through the Whatsapp app – something that they’re probably not aware of.

Many kids switched out to Whatsapp, mainly because it’s free (at least, the first year trial is free and only $1 per year thereafter!) and easy to use and didn’t impact on their spending whatsoever. It’s become the trendiest chatting and IM app out there and has become for free text messaging what Skype became for video. The company’s founders, former Yahoo employees, knew they had something special the day they hit the billion messages a day mark through the app: http://blogs.ft.com/tech-blog/2011/10/whatsapp-billion .

Tracking WhatsApp Messages and Group Chat

And so onto a common problem – kids and teens have also cottoned on to the fact that this kind of app was traditionally not crackable using the classical cell phone spying programs. But it is now! You will need an Android phone to be “rooted” and an iPhone to be “Jailbreaked” if you want this software to pick up advanced features such as spying on Gmail email and WhatsApp but this is easily done and well explained on their site.

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Check Out The Best WhatsApp Spy Program Today!

The great thing about the recommended software (aside from all the other great text message and call monitoring applications mentioned elsewhere in other blog posts on this site), is that it also supports other forms of instant messenger over other platforms such as Blackberry’s BBM, Imessenger, Viber, IMessage, Skype and Facebook Messenger. It really is the most advanced and best value for money communications interception app around.